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No matter what kind of relationship you share with your child’s mother or what your living arrangements will be after your child is born, it is important to understand a father’s rights and how to avoid jeopardizing yours. If you wish to be involved and have a say over parental matters in the future, the first step is to be aware that in Illinois, you are only considered the legal father if you are married to--or have entered into a civil union with--the mother at the time of birth. This means that your relationship with your child from the moment he or she is born will greatly revolve around where you stand legally on paper. 

Immediate Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Rights

There are some actions you can take to establish paternity in order to make sure your rights as a father are not violated. Below are some of the first steps in becoming legally recognized as the father of your child: 

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The bond between a father and his child is special. There are various ways to pursue the establishment of paternity, and many questions may arise as you begin the process. At the law firm of A. Traub & Associates, we understand the importance of parental rights. If you are concerned about your rights as a new father, entrust your case to a skilled, knowledgeable Lombard, IL fathers’ rights lawyer for peace of mind. Call our office today at 630-426-0196 to schedule a consultation.