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Home Our Firm Our Attorneys Angel M. Traub Margaret M. O'Connell Chantelle A. Porter Jessica Rymut Bona Doci Staff Practice Areas Family Law Divorce Fathers' Rights Adoption DCFS Civil Unions Child Support Child Custody Parentage Guardianships Estate Planning Wills and Trusts Powers of Attorney Living Wills Contested Wills Special Needs Trusts Guardianships Disputed Documents Representing Beneficiaries Estate Administration & Probate Real Estate Litigation Criminal Defense Juvenile Defense DUI Defense Landlord & Tenant Mediation Business Law Testimonials In the News Fall 2000 - Angel Traub Publishes The John Marshall Law Review Article January 2008 - Attorneys Traub and Porter Receive Outstanding Service Awards February 2008 - Chantelle Porter Publishes Article in DCBA Brief July 2008 - Angel M. Traub and Chantelle Porter Named in DuPage County’s Eight Women to Watch December 2013 - What Not To Wear To Court Fashion Show July 2013 - Lombard Family Lawyer Chantelle Porter Named 30th President of DuPage Association of Women Lawyers October 2013 - Chantelle Porter Honored at ISBA Luncheon January 2014 - A. Traub & Associates Announces Expansion with New Office April 2014 - Lombard Law Firm Hires Experienced Criminal Attorney May 2014 - Lombard Criminal Lawyer Earns 2014 Inspirational Woman Award June 2014 - Lombard Family Law Firm Relocates and Expands Office August 2014 - Lombard Family Lawyer Appointed to Illinois State Bar Association Board of Governors February 2015 - Lombard Family Law Attorney Named 2015 Super Lawyer April 2015 - Margaret O'Connell's 2015 Pro Bono Service Award February 2016 - Lombard Family Law Firm Announces New Partner Legal Terms Videos Blog Estate Planning in the 21st Century: Digital Assets and Social Media Accounts Important Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney Parental Alienation: What Is It and What Can You Do About It? Four Reasons for Estate Planning That Have (Almost) Nothing to Do With Money Reasons for Limiting Parenting Time Does It Pay to Work Past Age 65? Keeping the Divorce Process Amicable Angry Texts and Emails Can Affect Your Parenting Time The Power of a Special Needs Trust Same-Sex Couples Encouraged to Consider Adoption, Foster Care How a Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Order Differs from Other Advance Directives Potential Positives in Your Divorce What Kind of Powers are Granted to My Health Care Power of Attorney Agent? Summer and Winter Divorce Seasons Cohabitation Agreements in Illinois Which Advance Directive Options are Best for You? A New Understanding of Child Custody and Visitation Two Estate Planning Tools That Offer Protection for Your Disabled Loved One Does Your Parenting Plan Need a Change? Study Finds Divorce Rate Higher for Husbands Who Do Not Work Full-Time Potential Roadblocks for Beneficiaries Attempting to Exercise Their Rights Does Your Child’s Opinion Matter in a Custody Proceeding? The Changing American Family Addressing Disputed Estate Documents Following a Loved One’s Death Alarming Domestic Violence Statistics Do You Really Have Grounds for Contesting a Will? Shared Parenting Time and the Right of First Refusal Stay-at-Home Moms at a High Risk for Lifelong Poverty after Divorce Trust Planning: The Purpose of a Trust and How to Choose a Trustee Despite Better Laws, Parenting Rights of Fathers Are Still Lacking in Illinois The Advantages of a Living Will in Protecting Your Interests What Can Divorce Mediation Do for Your Family? More Than Just Money: Beneficiary Responsibilities and Who Receives Them Getting Divorced More Likely Than Being Widowed How to Recognize Domestic Violence Power of Attorney for Property Basics in Illinois Facing a Layoff? Request a Child Support Order Modification Right Away Pension and Retirement Assets Are Usually Marital Property Non-Parent Visitation Guidelines Following Divorce Consider Your Reasons for Relocation Protecting Your Family’s Future Through Estate Planning Cooperating With a Guardian ad Litem Including the Right of First Refusal in Your Parenting Plan No-Fault Divorce in Illinois Has Never Been Faster Divorce Is Not a Competition How Do Divorcing Parents Benefit From Parent Education? Calculating Your Spousal Support Obligations Child Support Orders and the 20 Percent Modification Rule Mediation Is Not Always the Best Path Cook County Judge Hits Employer With $2.3 Million in Child Support Penalties Before You Hit Send: The Potential Danger of Text Messages Rebutting the Presumption of Parentage The Growing Problem of Financial Infidelity Communication With Your Children During Your Divorce Does Venue Matter in an Illinois Divorce? Denying the Other Parent Access to Your Child Domestic Abuse Hurts Men Too New App to Help Parents With Child Support, Sharing Expenses Limiting Spousal Maintenance Could Be Ultimately Beneficial for Women I Changed My Mind; Can a Finalized Divorce Be Vacated? Grandparents and Visitation in Illinois Differences Between Guardianship and Adoption in Illinois Effective Co-Parenting Requires Dedication and Cooperation Illinois Appeals Court Upholds Denial of Pet Visitation Securing Your Rights Begins with Establishing Paternity Plan for Your Child’s College Expenses in Divorce Negotiating an Equitable Property Settlement Your Ex Is Getting Remarried, Now What? Taxes, Children, and Divorce Signs of Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship Can You Win at Mediation? Tips for Helping a Friend Going Through a Divorce College Savings Plans and Divorce Fighting in Front of the Kids Updated Statute Presumes Parental Cooperation Dealing with Debts after Divorce Lifestyle Clauses in Prenuptial Agreements New Law Looks to Expedite the Divorce Process The Other Parent Is a Still a Parent Is an Uncontested Divorce Right for You? Phubbing Could Be Killing Your Marriage What Happens When You Are Reported for Child Abuse or Neglect? Instead of Paying Child Support, He Bought Christmas Gifts Going Through a Divorce This Holiday Season? A New Approach to Parental Responsibilities Special Issues in Illinois High Net-Worth Divorce Cases Filing for an Emergency Order of Protection You Cannot Forfeit Your Child’s Right to Child Support A Negotiated Divorce Agreement Helps Make Life Easier Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Amicable Divorce Dividing Intellectual Property in an Illinois Divorce The Awarding of Spousal Maintenance in Illinois Safe Haven Law: Infant’s Tragic Death Was Unnecessary Do You Qualify for a Joint Simplified Divorce? Mom of Children Who Drowned Seeking Custody of New Family Know the Four Types of Divorce #divorceselfie: The New Staying Together for the Kids Adoption in Illinois A Sad History: Same-Sex Struggles What Needs to Happen After a Divorce Divorce Advice That May Do More Harm Than Good Child Representation: Attorney for the Child and the Child Representative Baby Before Marriage No Longer Increases Divorce Risk Illinois Eliminates At-Fault Divorce Dating After Divorce: Consider the Children Understanding the Potential Impact of Social Media Child Representation: The Guardian ad Litem How Does Annulment Work in Illinois? Illinois Child Removal Laws Changing Be Wary of Dating During Divorce A Prenuptial Agreement Can Protect Your Children’s Inheritance Rights Homework for Children with Two Homes We Are Getting Divorced and My Spouse Is Spending All Our Money! My New Spouse Wants to Adopt My Children "Life is Short" but He May Be Telling the Truth Moving In with a New Partner May Terminate Spousal Maintenance Eligibility Property Division in Divorce: I Get Half of Everything, Right? Separation Requirement Reduced for No-Fault Divorce Harmful and Helpful Technological Impacts During Divorce Considering a Divorce in Illinois? Important Questions to Ask Yourself Right of First Refusal for Child Custody Cases The Dangers of Verbal Agreements in Divorce Proceedings Related Adoption: Family First New Law Would Eliminate At-Fault Divorce What to do After Separation but Prior to Divorce Parental Communication in Custody and Visitation Arrangements Filing for Divorce: Does it Matter Who Files First? Prenuptial Agreements: Share the Love and Protect the Future Denial of Paternity in Illinois Helping Your Teen Deal with Your Divorce He Stopped Following Our Divorce Agreement Am I Entitled to Visitation as a Grandparent? Do My Child’s Wishes Matter in a Custody Case? Division of Property Continued: Equitable Distribution Division of Property: What are Marital Assets? Choosing a Mediator for Your Divorce Reasons Your Prenuptial Agreement May Not Be Valid Parental Alienation: What Are My Options? Be Wary of Informal Custody Agreements Do You Know What Reason to State for Your Divorce? Spousal Support Laws in Illinois Permit Fixed-Term Maintenance He Is Not Paying Child Support; What Can I Do? Should You Change Your Name Back after Divorce? Your Responsibilities in the Divorce Process Romantic Comedies May Stave Off Divorce Study Suggests Divorce Can Actually Improve Life Satisfaction Moving Out of State With Your Child Mediation and Divorce: A Lower Stress Alternative Working Through Child Visitation Issues Study Finds Low Divorce Rate among Medical Professionals Child Support Modification to Meet Evolving Needs Couples May Find Security in Postnuptial Agreements Calculating Your Child Support Obligation in Illinois A Prenuptial Agreement May be Right for You Irreconcilable Differences and No-Fault Divorce in Illinois Three Possible Divorce Benefits for Women Impending Divorce and the Kiss of Death for Relationships A Look at the Rising Rate of Remarriage Dealing With False Domestic Violence Allegations Some May Be Genetically Predisposed to Infidelity Reasons to Consider a Divorce Attorney Oscar-Winning Men May Be More Prone to Divorce Expert Suggests Equal Shared Custody May Not Be Ideal Group Works to Educate about Safe Haven Law Hiding Assets: Warning Signs He Might Be Keeping Secrets Weight Gain after Divorce More Likely for Men New Research Disputes Falling Divorce Rate The Changing Landscape of Illinois Spousal Maintenance Amendment to Illinois Adoption Act Broadens Adoptee Accessibility of Information People Suffering from Mental Disorders Have Higher Divorce Rate Chicago Expands Domestic Violence Pilot Program Child Custody Modification In DuPage County Learning the Language of Adoption: Advice from the AAP and the DCFS New Year's Resolution: Divorced Parent Pledge The Changing Face Of Marriage Dissolution Divorce Stress Linked to Hair Loss in Women Hidden Assets Hurt the Divorce Process Study Finds Link Between Bad Marriage and Bad Heart Many States Fail to Make the Grade in Shared Child Custody Statutes Post-Divorce Check List Hold on Tight: Tips for Surviving the Holidays as a Blended Family The Power Within Marriage: Tips for Maintaining a Balanced Marriage Divorce By Publication How Do Teens Handle Parents' Divorce? Protecting Inheritances in Divorce Establishing Joint Custody Routines to Ease Split-Family Tensions Birth Parents: Surviving the Emotional Complexities of Adoption Illinois Right of First Refusal What is the Cost of Adoption? Money Topics Engaged Couples Should Discuss Three Cs Of Mediation Child Support Basics in Illinois Legal Issues Parents of Children Born Out-of-Wedlock May Face What Happens to the Children when Same-Sex Families Break Up? The Breakdown of Communication Does Not Necessarily Dominate Divorce Study: Wedding Sticker Shock May Contribute to America’s Alarming Divorce Rate Protecting Yourself Against Financial Threats in Divorce Equitable Property Division in Illinois Divorce Declining Illinois Unemployment Numbers: Promising News for Marriages The Benefits of Divorce Research: Divorce May Lead to Depressive Episodes Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage: Illinois Linguistics of Filing for Divorce Tips for Getting Along with a Co-Parent When Divorce Effects on Children Leads to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Things to Consider when Getting Remarried at or near Retirement Age Signs Your Marriage May be in Trouble The Benefits of an Illinois Prenuptial Agreement The Hague Convention and Illinois Adoption New Study Says Daughters Do Not Cause Divorce Third Time a Charm? Confronting the Challenges of Consecutive Marriages Study Indicates Women with More Education than Husbands Not at Higher Risk of Divorce Domestic Violence Victims and Divorce Troubling Illinois Domestic Violence Victim Statistics How Divorce Affects Children Co-Parenting after Divorce: Joint Custody Arrangements on the Rise Establishing Parental Bonds: Divorced Illinois Fathers Seek Legal Equality Chicago has Most Online Users on Cheating Dating Website Steps to Take to Protect Yourself Financially During Divorce Dating After Divorce: How to Inform Your Kids About Your Decision to Begin Dating How Flexing Your Funny Bone Could Save Your Marriage The New Trend of Social Media Clauses in Prenups Is Cold Feet a Sign of Future Divorce? Is Adoption Right for Me? Trusting Your Answers and an Experienced Illinois Adoption Attorney How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney for You The Perils of DIY Online Divorce Assistance Available for all Illinois Family Members of Divorce Cohabitation Before Marriage: Setting the Ground Rules New Study Show Significant Increase in Shared Custody Awards over Past Two Decades Should You Go Back to Your Maiden Name after Divorce? The Dreaded Divorce Papers: The Process for Serving Your Spouse in Illinois Divorce and Your Illinois Marital Home: Your Two Options Under State Law Study Reveals Kids’ Interpersonal Skills and Math Scores Affected by Divorce Tips on Avoiding Financial Mistakes During a Divorce New Trends in Adoption: For All the Right Reasons Changing Views on Adultery and Divorce: Are We Ready? What Parents Should Share with Children During a Divorce Stopping Spousal Support Payments How to Agree to Disagree with Your Ex’s Parenting Style Can’t Agree on Property Division? Consider a Divorce Yard Sale Half of Internationally Adopted Children Born in Asia Protecting Your Marriage from Toxic In-Laws Keeping Discipline on an Even Keel: Finding a Balance for Adoptive Parents Infidelity: A Leader in the Divorce Blame Game New Study Links Social Media to Infidelity and Divorce Complaining about Your Ex Publicly Could Affect Your Divorce Settlement Undergoing an Abuse or Neglect Investigation: What You Need to Know Initiating Divorce: Who Makes the Call? The Perils of Adoption: Advice for Prospective Parents Are Latchkey Kids Legal? Same Channel Different Time: Quick Tips for Remarrying Your Ex The University of Pittsburgh Weighs in on Challenges of Divorce New Research Shows Living Together Doesn’t Lead to Divorce Sibling Visitation Rights in Illinois Will Divorce Isolate Your Children? Disability, Divorce and a Dependable Illinois Divorce Attorney Top Ten Countries Achieving Medal Status in Divorce Longer Deployments May Lead to Divorce Finding Your Happy Days: Divorce American Style Legal Alternatives to Assuming Guardianship of a Disabled Adult in Illinois A Post Marital Agreement Could Save Your Marriage The Quiet Addiction: When a Divorce Attorney may be your Ace in the Hole Common Predictors of Divorce The Divorce Season: January through March Marital Myths: Breaking Traditional Marital Laws to Ensure Everyday is Valentine’s Day Along for the Ride: Illinois Attorneys Helping Clients Navigate the Emotional Divorce Roller Coaster Adopting From Illinois DCFS Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets? Three Terms to Know in an Illinois Divorce How to Have a Healthy Divorce Mapping Your Marital Future: Tips for Discussing a Prenuptial Agreement Dating and the Male Divorcee: Tips for the Dreaded First Date Divorce and Downsizing: Tips for Making the Move Divorce and Your Health Care: Your Legal Rights Legal Separation as a Step to Divorce Reasons to Litigate a Divorce rather than Mediate Fear of Being Alone Stalls Divorce Financial Infidelity Can Lead To Divorce Surviving the Holidays After a Divorce What Are the Differences Between Adoption, Foster Care, and Guardianship? Harsh Consequences May Loom for Online Adoption Agencies Soliciting in Illinois New Law Allows Gambling Earnings to Be Taken to Pay Child Support Joint Custody in Illinois More Grandparents are Raising their Grandchildren Who Keeps Family Pet after a Divorce? Choosing a Guardian for Your Children Are You a Victim of Parental Alienation? Coping With Divorce PTSD and Anxiety Post-Divorce Online Dating Tips Factors that Challenge the Longevity of Marriage Prenuptial Agreements Now More Widely Used Virginia Couple Illustrates Challenges of Adoption For Same-Sex Couples Postnuptial Agreements in Illinois Common Paternity Testing Concerns New Study Links Marital Bliss and DNA Avoiding Passive Aggressive Behavior can Help Your Marriage Options for Expanding your Family Dating as a Single Parent Abusive Relationships Paternity Testing Antidepressant Use Increases Before Divorce Victim Sues State After Rapist Files for Visitation Rights Judge Rules in Woman with Down Syndrome’s Favor in Guardianship Battle New Concept in Wedlock: The "Wedlease" Pentagon Announces Same-Sex Spouse Benefits Poor Communication Skills are the #1 Predictor of Divorce Divorce Dos and Don’ts for Parents Increase in Age of Adoptive Parents Summer Months a Strain for Children of Divorce Cohabitating Agreements Offer Protection for Unwed Couples Federal Judge Cites International Treaty in Custody Battle How to get Back on Your Feet After Divorce Domestic Violence: the Basics Divorce Can Literally Break Your Heart Immigration, Naturalization, and Divorce Emotional Affairs Count as Cheating How to Prepare for Divorce as a Stay at Home Spouse Announcing Your Divorce via Social Media: is it Tacky or Practical Don't Let Divorce Damage Your Health Children's Questions About Divorce Social Service Agencies offer Expanded Services for Domestic Violence Victims How to Get Insurance Coverage after Divorce Child Custody in Illinois Recovered Addict Adopts her own Children Facebook and Divorce Linked in Recent Research Study Claiming Social Security Benefits After Divorce All About Emancipation Church’s Impact on Children of Divorce Avoid Common Divorce Pitfalls Common Issues During a Litigated Divorce Spousal Maintenance in Illinois What Legally Defines Parenthood? Five Ways Divorce Could Affect your Finances Closed Divorce Cases for the Rich and Famous Requirements for Divorce in Illinois Mediation Basics The Process of Divorce Legal Grounds for Divorce in Illinois Divorce Property Distribution in Illinois New Bill Could Change Divorce in Illinois What Moms Should Know About Divorce The Hidden Costs of Divorce Divorce Showers – Will They Become Tradition Too? Signs of an Abuser The Process of Divorce Day after Valentine’s Day began busiest divorce season Prenup Thrown Out in Landmark Divorce Case Protecting your Business before a Divorce Parenting with an Ex | Lombard Divorce Attorney Prenuptial Agreement Between Millionaire and Wife Thrown Out Judge asked to Order DNA Test for Michael Jordan Divorce Rate in Golden Years has Doubled Post Valentine’s Day Divorce Season | Illinois Divorce Attorney May Trial for Kardashian-Humphries Divorce Kobe Bryant’s Divorce could cost $1.36 million a month Middle-Aged Divorces Initiated by Women Whether to Keep the House in the Divorce Divorce Not An Option After 80 Years Together Divorce – How to Assess Property Settlements Husband’s Close Relationship with In-Laws Decreases Risk of Divorce Incompatible Drinking Habits Linked to Divorce Divorced Couples Can Still Work Together Dual Citizenship and Divorce How to Date a Divorcee Filing Your Income Taxes When You’re Getting Divorced Children of Divorce Less Likely to Attend Church as Adults Kobe and Vanessa Reconcile A child's role in divorce Ashton Kutcher Divorces Demi Moore after Six Years of Marriage Divorce Rate Increasing for over 60-Year-Olds Are Children Really Affected by Divorce? Custody battle: children's online footprint Ashton Kutcher- Divorcing and Dating Divorce and Depression Reasons to Wait until January to Divorce Dealing with Divorce during the Holiday Season Keep your Business together after divorce Christmas for the divorced A hardworking wife could mean you're headed for divorce, study suggests. Former Bulls Great Ordered to Pay Child Support How to Make Holidays Happy When You Are a Single Parent Interstate enforcement issue highlighted by Florida and Illinois case Interstate Child Support Case Results in Overpayment by Father Electronic Communications Ease Tensions After Parents Split Elgin Man Sentenced for Domestic Violence The Ease of Proving Infidelity Through Technology Women can lose health insurance coverage through divorce Requirements for Fault & No-Fault Divorce in Illinois Wife of Cicero Town President Files for Divorce Who gets Custody of a Pet after a Divorce? Missing for a Week, Mother Says She "Just Needed to Get Away" Taking Lessons from the Boomer Generation Ronnie Wood Divorce Results in Auction of Rolling Stones Memorabilia Donald Trumps Bombshell News Expected to be Past Divorce Plans for First Family The Use of Different Grounds for Divorce Baby Boomers Want More from Their Marriages These Days Divorce for Mentally Disabled More Easier in the Future Illinois Opens Door for Divorce for Mentally Disabled States That Allow Same-Sex Marriage Have Lower Divorce Rates Sitting Michigan Trial Judge Faces Paternity Suit by Flint Attorney Ex-Wife of Ex-LA Dodgers Owner Asks Court to Reopen 2010 Divorce Settlement Premarital Agreements in Illinois Basics Of Custodial Rights A Stepparent Can Also Petition For Custody Childless Couples Divorcing More Than Those With Children? What’s Mine is Not Yours Divorce and Kids Cohabitation—Better for Marriage or Divorce? Is Your Husband Trying to Hide Assets in Your Divorce Settlement? Australian Divorce Award Brings New Meaning to the Word Dirty New Study Shows Trend in Divorce Social Media A Factor In Divorce Marital Property Division in Illinois Divorce Cases E-Book Contact Lombard Office Arlington Heights Office Chicago Office Resources Disclaimer Privacy Policy Arlington Heights Attorneys Arlington Heights Family Law Arlington Heights Divorce Arlington Heights Fathers Rights Arlington Heights Adoption Arlington Heights Estate Planning & Probate Arlington Heights Real Estate Arlington Heights Litigation Arlington Heights Civil Unions Arlington Heights Prenuptial Agreements Arlington Heights Landlord & Tenant Arlington Heights Wills & Probate


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