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abuse, Arlington Heights divorce attorneyIf you have been or are in an emotionally abusive relationship, it can be difficult to pinpoint the actual issues. Victims often feel brainwashed in emotionally abusive relationships, because they are unable to specifically target the lies that they have been told and have become conditioned to believe about themselves and the world around them by their partners.

Control and Manipulation

Unlike physical abuse, which has very tangible, nearly universally-recognized symptoms and signs, emotional abuse is much subtler, and can, in some cases, even be tolerated in certain portrayals of relationships in popular culture. In many cases of psychological or emotional abuse, the perpetrator controls the victim through manipulation—this often manifests through tangible outlets such as a person’s bank account or social behavior. This type of behavior can take a serious toll on a person’s self esteem and overall psychological well-being.


help, Arlington Heights divorce attorneysIf you have a friend going through a divorce, you probablywant to be there to support them, but knowing what to say and do can be tough. You may see your friend in pain, sadness, or depression, but have no idea how to best offer your support to them without invading their personal space. It might seem like a good idea to back off and allow your friend time to process and heal on their own, but in reality, the opposite is often much better. During the difficult divorce process, having the help of a close friend or family member is extremely beneficial. Here are a few tips to help you be the best friend to your friend during their divorce.


Your friend is facing a barrage of emotions. The simplest thing you can do for them is listen to them. Knowing what to say can be tough at times. He or she may be angry one day, then sad the next, the completely frustrated later. Rather than trying to think of the perfect response to each of their moods, simply listen to them. Venting is a healthy part of coping with and recovering from a divorce, so allowing them to express their emotions is one of the best things you can do. Let your friend lead the conversation, giving them room to discuss anything that is on their mind, and simply listen empathetically and provide help if you can. Also remember to avoid sharing your opinions. You may think that your friend’s divorce is a bad idea, or have some gossip on your friend&s soon-to-be ex, but your goal here to listen and provide support when possible, not weigh in with your personal thoughts.


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college savings plans, Arlington Heights child support lawyerIf you are going through a divorce or anticipating one, it is no secret that the financial considerations can be the most difficult to make, after emotional fallout and childcare arrangements. There are several different financial aspects that a couple must take into consideration when considering divorce, and they are not always things that are in the immediate forefront of your attention. The idea of selling a family home and splitting assets such as retirement funds and 401k plans may be obvious, but there are other financial concerns that must be addressed as well, even if they will not immediately affect either spouse. One of these is what to do about a child’s college education plan.

Save Up for Your Child&s College Fund

If you began saving for your child’s college education as early as birth, this could be even more difficult to begin to sort out. It is not only the money that you had already put away that is in question either, but also who will bear the brunt of the financial burden in the future even that your child goes to school, whether you had put away savings for it or not. Who will save for a child’s college education can and should be considered at the onset of divorce. It is not impossible, just as it is not impossible to co-parent, to co-share money toward a common goal.


divorce, separation, Illinois family law attorneysIf you are like most married people, you probably approached your marriage with a hopeful spirit and a commitment to building a life with your spouse. It is an unfortunate reality, however, that many couples simply do not belong together. The best intentions and years of effort by you and your spouse may not be enough to overcome your differences. In recent years, a trend has begun to emerge among couples who may not wish to remain married but have no intention of making each other’s lives miserable in the process.

A cooperative divorce is always preferable to one that is contentious and stressful, but until now, the law in Illinois tended to keep a couple together longer than many felt necessary. Beginning in 2016, amendments to the law now allow a divorce to proceed much more quickly than ever before, permitting the couple to focus on more important aspects of their lives without undue delays.

No Required Separation


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uncontested divorce, divorce, Illinois divorce attorneysDivorce is not always a long, ugly, mess. In Illinois, uncontested divorces are increasingly common. Instead of both sides filing motions and petitions with the court over a period of months and even years, in an uncontested divorce, the two sides agree to everything beforehand.

The Pros of Uncontested Divorces

Uncontested divorces are becoming more popular because of all the benefits they offer over a more traditional approach to divorce. Uncontested divorces are usually:

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