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DuPage County Mediation Attorneys

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DuPage County Mediation Attorneys

Mediation is a process of finding an out-of-court solution to a legal matter and is one of the most important aspects of the law. Mediation can resolve issues without adding extra stress to the family, and a qualified mediator can assist with some of the most difficult negotiations in divorce, estate planning, business concerns, and civil litigation. At A. Traub & Associates, our experienced mediators are ready to help guide you and your family through complicated legal waters. Our attorneys are dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome for our clients no matter what challenges they may be facing.

Angel M. Traub is a certified mediator for family law, estate administration, and all civil law matters. She has also received certification from The Illinois Institute of Collaborative Law. Angel is certified and on the Court list as a custody and parenting mediator for DuPage, Cook, and Kane Counties. She is also a certified and approved Cook County financial mediator for divorce.

Mediation in Divorce and Family Law in Wheaton, Illinois

In matters of family law, especially for divorcing couples, mediation is usually preferable to litigation. An experienced legal professional at A. Traub & Associates can help you and your ex-spouse resolve practical issues that arise from the dissolution of marriage in a healthy, controlled environment. We will work with you to settle issues of spousal maintenance, child support, allocation of parental responsibilities—formerly known as child custody—and the distribution of marital property. In mediation, both spouses have the opportunity to contribute and seek compromise. For some couples, divorce the last thing upon which they can agree. An impartial third-party mediator from A. Traub & Associates can help you find solutions that are specific to your family's particular values, so you are not subjected to court rulings that do not necessarily meet your family's unique needs.

Lombard Estate Administration and Guardianship Mediation

As the finances of families become more complicated, so does estate administration. The counsel of an experienced estate administration attorney is crucial to minimize the financial consequences to heirs who receive assets from an estate—but it is not that easy. Estate administration involves more than written documents like wills and trusts. When disputes arise among family members or other heirs and beneficiaries, mediation can be essential to ensure that the wishes of both the benefactor and beneficiaries are honored. After a person dies, an estate plan—though well intended—can tear a family apart because of miscommunication. Our attorney-mediators can help resolve disputes related to estates and probate, ensuring that the wishes of the deceased will be carried out while working to make sure a family will not be torn apart in the process.

Probate courts also address issues related to guardianship of minors or disabled adults. While guardianship can be beneficial for those who need assistance with personal or financial issues or who are incapable of fully caring for themselves, determining appropriate guardianship arrangements is not always easy. In many cases, a person will be looking to ensure that they can retain as much control over their own life as possible, while also ensuring that their needs will be met. We can provide mediation services in these situations, working with family members or other parties to create agreements that will protect the rights and meet the needs of everyone involved.

Business Law and Civil Mediation in Illinois

Mediation can also be extremely beneficial in business negotiations and other civil matters. Whether you are engaged in a dispute with another company, a former employee, or are simply looking to reach a binding contractual agreement, a mediator from A. Traub & Associates can help facilitate the process. We realize that contributions from all sides are important in developing a workable resolution, and we pledge to work hard toward that goal.

We can assist with mediation of business disputes, including contract disputes and other issues that could potentially lead to business litigation. We can also assist with employer/employee disputes, helping resolve matters related to wages, benefits, or other concerns. We also work with parties in civil disputes, helping them find solutions that can help them avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. With our knowledge of real estate law, we can help address property line disputes and other types of disputes between neighbors.

To learn more about our mediation services, contact our office. Our team of experienced legal professionals is ready and willing to provide the assistance you need in developing amicable solutions to your most complex problems. Call 630-426-0196 to schedule a consultation today. We are proud to serve clients in Lombard, Wheaton, Naperville, Downers Grove, Carol Stream, Arlington Heights, and throughout DuPage, Kane, Cook and Will Counties.

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