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Church’s Impact on Children of Divorce

 Posted on June 03, 2013 in Divorce

Recently, studies have shown that children of divorce are twice as likely grow up non-religious than kids who grow up in homes with happy, stable marriages. However, clergy members continue to overlook this. According to the Chicago Tribune, the researchers of this study would like to present their findings to Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church. They hope that the pastors will stop overlooking the faith of children of divorce. Researchers believe that children of divorce who leave the church are a main contributor to the decline of people in mainline Christian religious affiliations. Amanda 5-1-13One of the head researchers of the project, Elizabeth Marquardt, talked to the Chicago Tribune; she said, she feels the mainline churches have not done enough to help children of divorce. They have trusted that if everyone gets along and keeps their conflict to a minimum that it will all turn out okay. Marquardt feels that the results of her study could have an impact on the mainline churches, which rely on the next generation to bring them forward. Throughout Marquardt’s study, she found that children of divorce felt misunderstood at church during their parent’s separation. A child who feels alienated by the church would be unlikey to come back to it as an adult. There are some pastors who try to reach out to children when their parents are going through a split. Reverend Joyce Shin says, "There is no protocol when a couple in the congregation is separating." But Rev. Shin does try to reach out to the adults and tries to help out with the children’s needs. Shin goes on to say, "We know there are trusts that are being broken and that were broken, and it’s going to take a lot to build up from that." Whether you are religious or not, if you and your spouse are looking to file for divorce contact an Illinois Divorce Attorney, who will be able to answer any of your questions. Contact an Illinois Family Law Attorney today.

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