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Lombard Divorce LawyerAlmost all of the property that was accumulated during the marriage by either spouse is considered marital property, meaning it is jointly owned by both parties. 

Both spouses have a right to an equitable share of marital property. However, some individuals attempt to block their spouse from receiving his or her fair share by hiding assets during divorce.

Transparency regarding finances is essential during a divorce, and Illinois courts demand honesty. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, contact a skilled divorce attorney for help right away.


Lombard, IL divorce lawyerFew couples get married with the expectation that the marriage will end in a divorce. Unfortunately, however, marriages all too often do end in divorce. Sometimes, a couple may delay getting divorced because they fear the process will be too difficult and upsetting to bear. While this sentiment is understandable, the process does not need to be terrible. 

The start of the divorce process begins when you select your attorney. For this blog, we will discuss mistakes people often make when choosing the attorney to represent them in their divorce. We will also discuss how to avoid making these mistakes. While you are not required to retain the services of an attorney when getting divorced, you are strongly advised to hire an attorney to ensure your rights are protected and the process is completed lawfully. 

What to Do and Not Do When Selecting a Divorce Attorney

The first mistake people make when hiring an attorney is failing to do enough research before making a selection. The law firm the attorney works for, their reputation, payment structure, and experience are all factors that must be considered when selecting a divorce attorney. To ensure this does not happen to you, try to obtain as many referrals as possible while asking other lawyers about a specific attorney or law firm. By cross-referencing the information you receive and getting a bigger picture, you will be better positioned to make a wiser decision. 


Lombard, IL first responder divorce attorneyCouples may choose to pursue a divorce for many different reasons. Sometimes, differing work schedules and being required to work long and irregular hours put a terrible strain on a marriage. Unfortunately, this strain can lead to divorce. Out of all the occupations out there, few jobs require more sacrifice and demand than being a first responder. Whether a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, first responders are real-life heroes who frequently put themselves in harm's way to help others. If you are a first responder looking to get a divorce, consult a highly experienced Illinois divorce attorney with experience in cases involving first responders. An attorney can work with you in tackling the different challenges you may face as a first responder getting a divorce.

How Come First Responders Are at a Heightened Risk of Divorce? 

Most occupations have set hours that allow employees to manage and separate their personal and work life effectively. However, first responders often work peculiar hours. Not only are the hours challenging, but first responders frequently face dangerous situations which can affect them psychologically. The longer someone works as a first responder, the greater the chance they will be involved in a distressing situation. Each event can take a severe toll on the first responders who are called to the scene. After witnessing something distressing, the first responder may withdraw from their spouse and keep their emotions bottled up to try and save their spouse from knowing the grisly details of what occurred at work. In some cases, a first responder may develop PTSD, further leading to communication lapses and tension between them and their spouse. This may lead to the quality of their marriage suffering.

Unique Divorce Challenges for First Responders 

Due to the unique challenges of being a first responder, various complications can arise during divorce proceedings. These may include:


IL divorce lawyerDivorce brings many changes and a new school year can heap challenge upon challenge for newly divorced parents who are managing children’s schedules from two different households. The first school year can be especially difficult as you come up with new strategies for managing the new and old problems that come with having minor kids in school. Here are four situations that Illinois parents frequently encounter during the school year and some suggestions for handling them smoothly.

Homework and School Projects

It is important for parents to be on the same page about enforcing homework rules and expectations. This is especially true for bigger projects and tests that can take weeks to complete or prepare for and which may require supplies to be moved between households. The more a routine can be predictable and simple, the easier it will be for kids and both parents to follow.

School Lunch

Whether your child buys lunch at school or takes lunch with them is less important than everybody knowing what to expect. After all, the last thing you want is for a kid to be surprised at school with an empty lunch account balance and a hungry stomach. If a child is eating school lunch, make sure you discuss how to manage the costs (this can be a great issue to address in your parenting plan). If you need to reimburse the other parent for the cost of food, do it directly through them, not your child.


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_1686307888.jpgEvery day, there seems to be a new kind of digital asset making the news. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and non-fungible tokens are just two examples of digital financial assets that we commonly associate with money. But other digital assets must be divided as well - personal photos and videos that exist on each spouse’s phone, streaming accounts, and even purchased media like downloaded videos all need to be dealt with. During the Illinois divorce process, all marital assets must be divided fairly - even the ones that only exist on the internet. If you are getting divorced and wondering what will happen to your digital assets, read on. 

Pictures, Videos, Movies, and Streaming Services

Couples can spend thousands of dollars on downloaded videos, games, and other online entertainment over the course of a marriage. If a couple has amassed a valuable digital library of content, this will need to be divided in the divorce decree. Because online content is usually associated with a specific account and these accounts must only be owned by one partner after the divorce, spouses will need to agree about how to split them. 

Personal pictures and videos are easy to transfer, but they also need to be addressed in the divorce decree. Otherwise, years of precious moments with children, pets, and extended family can be lost to a spouse forever. 

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