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Dealing with Divorce during the Holiday Season

 Posted on December 30, 2012 in Divorce

While Christmas is a special time of year for many, there are many others that are seeking solace from the pain of divorce. A report by the Huffington Post offers some great activities to help get over your ex and start the year anew with a better outlook on life.

Stocking Stuffer

If you have a Christmas stocking for your ex, it may be too painful to just throw it in the garbage. That may also make it confusing for the children. Instead, write yourself positive messages on small strips of paper and drop them into the stocking. When you are feeling down, pull a message from the stocking to remind yourself that things will get better! Make sure that you do this at least once a day.

Don’t Take Down the Mistletoe

Just because you don’t have a sweetie to kiss under the mistletoe does not mean that you shouldn’t have it hanging there. When your kids go under the mistletoe, give them the biggest hug and kiss that you can. Don’t forget to give yourself kisses too. Remember loving yourself is a part of the healing process.

Volunteer Your Time

We have all heard that there is someone somewhere in a worse situation than you. Take this time to give back to your community. Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself, visit a soup kitchen or homeless shelter and help the less fortunate. You can even volunteer at a toy drive. You may just feel a lot better about your situation and it will definitely take your mind off of the hard times.

Give Yourself a Gift

Even though it feels that things will never be the same, start it off right by buying yourself a gift. You may have something that you have always wanted or something that you saw while you were out shopping for the children. Get it for yourself!

If you find yourself in a divorce situation, make sure that you have an empathetic and experienced Illinois divorce lawyer there to represent you.

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