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When Divorce Effects on Children Leads to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Child Support

Divorce Effects on Children Juvenile LawThe ramifications of divorce can be numerous, especially if there are adolescent children involved. The psychological effects of divorce during the developmental years can often leave unresolved issues as your children approach their teens and even adulthood. As a parent how you handled the divorce process by ensuring your children had your support and understanding may have not been enough, especially when it comes to your adolescent engaging in risky behavior.

A teen and parent relatable webpage, created by undergraduate student, Ben Beary of Northern Illinois University, under the guidance of J. Elizabeth Miller, Ph.D., School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences, Northern Illinois University not only states the obvious, 50 percent of all marriages in the U.S. result in divorce.  Also it reiterates that adolescents of divorced families are more likely to experience academic and psychological problems often leading to risky behavior outbreaks.

If you recently divorced and have noticed an increase in undesirable behavior in your son or daughter and legal issues arise, you may require the services of an experienced family law attorney to assist with navigating through the Illinois juvenile system. How do you help your child on a personal level?

Access the Situation

Look closely for underlying signs of abuse. If noticeable, waste no time and place your child into a program or make an appointment with a counselor specializing in the field. Ensure the program and counselor is informed of the recent divorce and the changes to the family.

Take a Closer Look

Although it may be difficult, there may be additional underlying factors contributing to unwelcomed behavior. This is possible due to an increase in financial difficulties, heightened stress levels perhaps resulting in heated arguments among family members.

Services May Start at School

Seeking the assistance of your child’s school can prove an asset. By working with your child’s teachers and school counselors you may grasp a better understanding of your son or daughter’s attitude and behaviors. Ask the school for advice, be cooperative and do not revert to providing excuses for your child’s behavior.

The Legalities

If your child has found his or her way into the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice system consult with your family law attorney. They will help ensure that talks have started with police and juvenile officers to make sure that all is being done for your child on the legal front.

The Art of Listening

Even though you are dealing with additional stress, dedicate time to listen to your child. Avoid confrontation but enlist conversation to gauge how your child is feeling and what you can personally do to help.

Love Heals All Wounds

Throughout whatever problems you and your child are confronting, continually express your love and concern. Let your child know that your love will never wane even though you disagree with his or her recent behaviors and legal issues.

Reflect for a Moment

Take small comfort that you, your family law attorney and juvenile officials are involved in resolving the legal matter at hand. As a parent review your viable options. Should you enforce stricter rules with heightened consequences or determine whether your child may benefit from residing with the absent parent for awhile.

If you recently divorced and are experiencing problems with your adolescent and the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice is presently involved, your first step is to retain a qualified Illinois family law attorney versed in Illinois juvenile law. Once you relinquish the disparity of the legalities of the situation you will be available to address the underlying psychological factors contributing to your child’s recent behaviors. Trust the Lombard family law attorneys of A. Traub & Associates to provide you and your child with sound legal advice leaving you time to address the personal issues at hand. Contact us today at (630) 426-0196 for more information on how we can help you and your family.

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