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What Can Divorce Mediation Do for Your Family?

 Posted on June 25, 2016 in Mediation

Lombard divorce lawyersOften when people hear the term mediation in the realm of divorce, they automatically think of the tense arguments and conflicts that typically surround the end of a marriage. While disagreements can certainly turn ugly in the midst of divorce, many marriages actually end civilly and peacefully, with minimal conflict between spouses.

However, for those who are having a difficult time seeing eye to eye on certain issues, tension can arise and the challenge to come to a settlement can create a very bumpy transition for the entire family. This is where divorce mediation in family law comes in. Mediation has a number of advantages, but it is particularly helpful in a number of ways.

Better Communication

A mediator’s job is to listen to both parties and assist in helping them reach an agreement that is mutually satisfying. They help create tailored arrangements that suit a couple’s specific needs and requirements, treating each situation differently. Working alongside an unbiased professional who is able to answer questions and direct the process makes for better communication between both parties.

Less Stress for Your Children

When you go through mediation, your children see you and your spouse cooperating and interacting in a positive, productive way, even in the midst of conflict. This often helps ease tension at home and provides a smoother transition when it comes to enforcing parenting plans and the allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody).

More Control

Mediation is also appealing because it offers parties more control. All documents and communications are kept confidential, and you typically have a say over the time-frame in which you would like to reach resolution. This is especially helpful in minimizing the emotional toll that comes with separation. The sooner you can reach a resolution, the sooner you can move on with your life and begin to heal from the loss.

You can rest with confidence knowing that mediation is proven to be effective. the Illinois Department of Human Rights reports that their Mediation Unit has an 80% resolution rate for all mediation conferences held. Like many divorcing couples, you might find yourself struggling with finding a compromise on certain issues as you legally end your marriage. A professional, experienced Lombard family law attorney can help you as you enter the mediation process and ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed. Call for a confidential consultation at any one of our three convenient office locations.


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