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Eliminating Same-Sex Discrimination Within Adoption Agencies in Illinois

 Posted on March 30, 2019 in Adoption

DuPage County adoption lawyer

Historically, same-sex couples have had difficulties adopting children. In the past, this could be attributed to the lack of social acceptance of homosexuality. This social misunderstanding and form of discrimination have significantly faded in recent years.  

The State of Michigan Takes Action

Adoption agencies are a helpful resource many couples utilize when they hope to grow their family. Although there are secular agencies, many adoption agencies are religious-based, and thus let their faith’s beliefs determine who can or cannot adopt a child. It is common for religious agencies to deny same-sex couples. This is the case in Michigan for couples from Dimondale and Detroit.

Kristy and Dana Dumont and Erin and Rebecca Busk-Sutton are two couples who were turned away by two different religious adoption agencies for their sexual orientation. Bethany Christian Services and St. Vincent Catholic Charities told the women they could not utilize their services based on religious reasons. Rather than accepting this denial of assistance, the women took the discrimination to court, joining an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit in 2017. 

The court’s decision was finalized this past month on March 22. The state decided to legally ban discrimination from “faith-based adoption agencies” that work with the state. The Michigan Attorney General’s office “agreed to enforce its anti-discrimination policy and not allow faith-based agencies that work with the state to turn away same-sex couples who want to adopt,” helping couples like the Dumonts and Busk-Suttons have equal opportunities and assistance to grow their families. Although this change has not yet been made nationwide, improvements continue to be made as more couples fight for their rights. 

The Adoption Process

Most families will seek help from an adoption agency while also having an experienced attorney by their side. Utilizing both resources helps ensure your adoption goes as smoothly as possible. Before an adoption can be completed, the child’s birth parents’ rights must be terminated. It is impossible to adopt a child if the birth parents still have legal rights to them. After the state verifies both parents are right for the child through home visits and interviews, the parents can legally adopt the child. 

Contact a Lombard, IL Adoption Attorney for Help

Experienced legal assistance is crucial throughout the adoption process, especially if you are a same-sex couple who fears discrimination. At A. Traub & Associates, our trusted adoption attorneys help your adoption go smoothly so you can focus on preparing for your child’s arrival. If you are considering adoption, contact our DuPage County adoption attorneys at 630-426-0196.


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