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How Can My Illinois Divorce Affect My Toddler?

 Posted on September 28, 2020 in Children of Divorce

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Divorce may be difficult for children of any age, but it can be especially confusing for toddlers who cannot fully understand their parents’ separation and the reasons for the change in their routine. If you decide to get a divorce while your children are still very young, you should be aware of the effects it may have on them and do everything you can to make the transition easier for them and continue providing them with a happy and healthy life.

Effects of Divorce on Young Children

Due to the stresses placed on your toddler both during and after your divorce, you may see some concerning changes in his or her behavior, including:

  • More frequent crying

  • Aggressive or defiant behavior

  • Confusion

  • Increased dependence

  • Separation anxiety

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Changes in appetite

While it can be hard to see your child struggling in these ways, you should know that these behaviors are common after a divorce. Your child will likely require a significant adjustment period before returning to some degree of normalcy, but there are things that you can do to help during the transition.

Tips for Divorced Parents of Toddlers in Illinois

Creating the best possible environment for your toddler after your divorce can make it possible for him or her to cope and recover. Some of the ways you can help include:

  • Providing regular reassurance of your love: Toddlers may fear that divorce and one parent moving out means that one or both parents no longer love them. It is important to let them know on a regular basis that you love them and will always be there for them.

  • Explaining the situation in simple terms: Toddlers will have difficulty understanding the reasons why you are getting a divorce, so it helps to focus on what is going to happen instead. Let them know that one of you will be moving to a new home and that you will both continue to see them on a regular basis, and help them get ready for trips between homes. 

  • Creating a thoughtful parenting plan: Decisions about parenting time and parental responsibilities are crucial when you have a toddler. Work with the other parent to develop a schedule that provides the least possible disruption to your child’s routine and creates a similar environment in both homes with access to everything your child needs. Regular communication with your ex-spouse is important to make sure you are consistent and to stay aware of any behavior that may need your attention.

Contact a Lombard, IL Divorce Attorney

At A. Traub & Associates, we have helped families with children of all ages make it through their divorces with as little stress as possible. We will focus on an approach that considers your toddler’s needs and offer support and guidance for you throughout the legal process. Call our qualified and compassionate DuPage County divorce lawyer today at 630-426-0196 to schedule a private consultation.




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