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Keeping Divorce Stress Under Control

 Posted on April 12, 2017 in Divorce

Lombard divorce attorneyAnybody who says that his or her divorce was easy either is misremembering the situation or is not telling the whole truth. Virtually every divorce will have its share of challenges as the process represents not on the end of a relationship between two people but also the dissolution of the marital contract. Along the way, most people who go through a divorce experience a number of challenges and difficulties often accompanied by a great deal of stress and anxiety. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to limit the negative feelings and to focus on a happier, healthier future.

Commit to Cooperate

As you and your spouse approach your impending divorce, you have two basic options. You could choose to dig in and fight over every element—including the division of property, parenting plans, and alimony—or you could try to work things out amicably. It is important to realize, however, that negotiated, amicable divorce does not just happen. Instead, it requires a commitment from both spouses and concerted effort throughout the process.

Keeping your divorce friendly will also require you and your spouse to set aside your differences and the issues that led to the end of your marriage. If you continue to bring up all the ways that your spouse offended you while you were married, you will never make progress in negotiating your divorce.

Take Time for Yourself

During a divorce, you may feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions at the same time. You may be looking for a new place to live, tending to the needs of your children, and trying to meet divorce-related deadlines, all while continuing to work full-time so you can pay your bills. Such a situation would burn anyone out, and you have every right to feel overwhelmed.

For the sake of your own health, it is important to set aside some time to focus on you. Go for a hike, meet friends out for a night on the town, or simply read a book that is not related to your marriage or divorce. You deserve the opportunity to disconnect for a little while and to let your internal batteries recharge. By doing so, you can face the next round of challenges with a refreshed attitude and reduced stress levels.

Work With an Attorney

While you and your spouse may have agreed to cooperate and reach a settlement agreement on your own, you may encounter legal questions along the way. It is also a good idea for a qualified lawyer to review your agreement before you submit it to the court for approval to minimize the possibility of costly mistakes. Thus, working with a knowledgeable attorney can also help you reduce stress and anxiety during the divorce process.

If you are considering a divorce, contact an experienced divorce lawyer in Lombard to discuss your situation. At A. Traub & Associates, we are proud to help clients find divorce solutions while avoiding unnecessary contentiousness and stress. Call 630-426-0196 for a confidential consultation at any of our three convenient locations today.



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