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Mediation Basics

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

ChristineIf you and your spouse are considering divorce, mediation can be a less expensive and possibly easier solution than a trial or a series of hearings. Mediation takes place while a couple is still married, and the goal is to work through issues in the marriage and to agree on things like division of property, child and spousal support, and custody. Mediation is when the couple, either with or without their attorneys, meet with a mediator. The mediator doesn't make decisions for the couple, but facilitates a healthy discussion. There are many benefits to going through mediation rather than the courts. First of all, mediation allows those involved to come to their own decisions, rather than having the judge make decisions on custody, alimony, child support, and property division. This also gives the couple more control, and allows for an attorney to be present. Mediation may help improve communication between the spouses, which can help in the future if there are children. Mediation is private and records are confidential, so unlike court records, the public does not have access to details. To make the mediation a successful venture for both parties, spouses need to be willing to compromise and work through the issues. Don't say no to mediation without discussing the option with your attorney. Knowing that the odds of a mediation agreement will have a better likelihood of being followed through then a trial should encourage you. Contact an Illinois divorce lawyer who is experienced in mediation.

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