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Reasons to Consider a Divorce Attorney

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

Kane County Family Law Attorneys, Reasons to Hire a Lawyer, Lombard Divorce LawyerThe process of divorce can be daunting one. Depending on a couple’s circumstances, the proceedings can time-consuming and wrought with complexities at every turn. When added to the emotional stress and contentiousness common in a failing relationship, divorce can be nearly overwhelming. Despite the potential pitfalls, many people still attempt to complete their divorce without the help of a qualified divorce attorney.

Of those choosing to do so, divorcing individuals typically forego hiring a lawyer for  two simple reasons. First and foremost, they are looking to save money and believe that an attorney’s services are too expensive. Additionally, they do not believe their situation is complicated enough to require representation, or at least not complicated enough to justify such a cost. However, despite these common misgivings, there are a number of reasons you may wish to retain an attorney to assist with your divorce.

Improved Communication

You may be convinced that your relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is stable and capable of withstanding weeks or months of negotiation. In reality, you are likely to find discussion difficult and strained as proceedings continue. Attorneys are able to remain professionally detached from the emotion of the situation, and can ensure that lines of communication are kept open for both parties, thus allowing for a smoother process.

Attention to Detail

Illinois law requires certain issues to be addressed before a divorce can be completed including child custody and spousal maintenance. Considerations such as those are unlikely to be missed, even without help. By handling your own divorce, however, you run the risk of neglecting smaller details such as specific sentimental items, or pensions and health insurance. A divorce attorney will assist you in making sure that arrangements are made for all of the necessary and desired concerns.

Relevant Experience

Divorce laws in every state are different. Individual cities and municipalities may have their own submission processes, as well. Understanding the applicable laws, and the rights and responsibilities provided by them would require significant research. The time investment alone would make such a task nearly impossible, and missing an important detail could drastically delay the proceedings. A qualified lawyer in your area is already familiar with the laws and processes as they apply to your case. He or she will also be aware of deadlines and will work with you to be sure each one is met along the way.

Return on Investment

There is no question that finances are a major concern to almost everyone going through a divorce. Scrupulous accounting for every dollar means that the decision take on the additional expense of hiring an attorney is not one to be made lightly. It is important to keep in mind, however, that having a lawyer’s guidance regarding spousal maintenance or equitable division of property may result in a divorce decree that is more financially beneficial than you might have been able to achieve for yourself. Regardless of the outcome’s financial details, though, you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your divorce is being handled by a capable professional.

If you are considering divorce in Kane County, a qualified divorce lawyer can help protect your rights under the law. Contact an experienced family law attorney in Lombard today for consultation. At A. Traub & Associates, we understand how challenging divorce can be and we look forward to providing the reliable representation you deserve.

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