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Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Amicable Divorce

 Posted on November 24, 2015 in Divorce

amicable divorce, divorce law, Arlington Heights divorce attorneyA few weeks ago, a post on this blog talked about "divorce selfie" trend that seemed to exemplify the amicable nature of many modern divorces. For many couples, the decision to end their marriage, while difficult, does not end their ability to work together toward a common goal. An amicable, uncontested divorce can save a couple the hassle and expense of having to sort out their differences in court and greatly streamline the entire process. Regardless of how cooperative you and your spouse can be, however, it is still important to seek the assistance of a qualified divorce attorney for a number of reasons.

Divorce Is Often Complicated

Even though you and your spouse may agree on most of the concerns inherent to the divorce, spelling out an acceptable divorce agreement can be difficult. The division of property, for example, is just one area that can be incredibly complex, with valuations needed for homes, vehicles, retirement accounts and more. While you may not have any disagreements over who is getting what, an attorney can help you develop a legally sound arrangement that clearly designates each and every allocation.

For the Children

Parenting agreements and parenting time schedules are among the divorce considerations that receive the most intense scrutiny from the presiding judge. No matter how amicable your negotiations may have been, if your agreement fails—in the opinion of the court—to provide for the best interests of your children, it will be rejected, forcing you and your spouse to reexamine your choices. With a qualified divorce lawyer involved from the beginning, potential issues can be identified and addressed long before the agreement ever reaches the court.

What Did You Miss?

The more comfortable nature of an amicable divorce may lead you and your spouse to make a number of verbal agreements and promises to one another. Unfortunately, not all of them always make their way into your written settlement, and those that do not will be extremely difficult to enforce should a dispute arise in the future. Your attorney, however, would be able to point out these oversights and ensure that all of your arrangements are fully documented and will be able to be enforced if necessary.

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Working with a divorce lawyer does not need to affect the cooperation between you and your spouse. In fact, the right lawyer can actually increase your ability to work together effectively. For more information about navigating an amicable divorce, contact an experienced Arlington Heights family law attorney. You deserve a happy, healthy future, and we look forward to helping you achieve it.


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