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Wife of Cicero Town President Files for Divorce

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Distribution of Assets

The life of Elizabeth Dominick, 55, is going through a lot of changes.  The wife of Cicero town president, Larry Dominick, resigned from her public office post as the director of the town’s health clinic.  At the time, she cited multiple causes for leaving this position.  She said that many of the upper echelon of town officials rarely came into work.

In her resignation letter she went to great lengths to include abuses that she received on the job.  "I can no longer remain at this capacity due to horrific mental abuse that I have had to endure for the past four years as Director," she states in the letter, dated July 9.  Now, she has made another split.

During the week of November 5th, Elizabeth filed for divorce from her husband Larry.  Again, she cited mental abuses perpetrated by her husband as the grounds for divorce, with no further details at this time.  She has also publicly claimed that her husband’s family has been a major stress on their relationship.

Larry Dominick, in a statement read by Town Spokesman Ray Hanania, disapproved of this notion; "Larry Dominick has never been abusive to Elizabeth or to anyone else in his life in fact the only victim of abuse in his current marriage is Larry Dominick."  The couple has been estranged for over a year according to Larry Dominick.

For divorces in general, but especially public ones, it is often best to remain silent rather than exchanging barbs.  Let your legal team work towards a resolution without compounding problems that have already existed in the relationship.  If you are a victim of abuse, it is important to seek out the help of a lawyer with experience in orders of protection.  Contact an experienced divorce attorney in Cook County today who can assist in guiding you to the outcome you desire.

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