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Australian Divorce Award Brings New Meaning to the Word Dirty

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

An Australian man is getting a dirtier divorce than he expected. The award by the judge is one of the strangest divorce case settlements one could possibly imagine.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported last Tuesday that the man, known only by his pseudonym, Mr. Moss, is being forced to dig up his parents& ashes after his ex-wife was awarded their family farm in the divorce settlement.

Mr. Moss created a memorial garden on the property after his father died in 2002. When his mother died six years later, her urn was buried on the property as well. According to an Australian newspaper, Mr. Moss was given 14 days to remove the headstones and urns from the property.

The judge reportedly granted the property to Mr. Moss& ex-wife because she was unemployed and unable to purchase a similar property within their community, unlike Mr. Moss, whose annual salary is $160,000.

Digging up ashes is just one of the crazy things divorcés have done as result of their settlements. In 2008, a Serbian farmer cut his farm equipment and tools in half after he was ordered to share all of his property with his ex-wife. That same year, a Cambodian man went so far as to saw his house in half after his divorce.

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