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Baby Boomers Want More from Their Marriages These Days

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

In recent years, the rate of baby boomer divorces has increased gradually. Nowadays, every fourth divorce includes spouses age 50 or older, while twenty years ago they were included in only 10 percent of divorces. There are many reasons that have caused the phenomenon, says a recent article in the Chicago Tribune.

Marital roles and expectations have been changing and it has taken the boomers some getting used to. In the past, marriage was taken for granted; once you got married you were in it for life. Today couples expect more from marriage and the quality of marriage has become more important. A 2010 study found that boomers were more likely than any other age group to say that happiness is the main point of marriage, and 66 percent said they would rather divorce than stay in an unhappy marriage. It’s only natural that couples start to question decisions they made some thirty years ago, and may feel that divorce is the best option. This is also the time when you should consider talking to an experienced divorce lawyer.

Some boomer marriages have had underlying problems that have surfaced when the children have grown up and left home. These problems may have been developing for decades, for example, due to poor communication and because it was expected to just endure everything without trying to fix the problem. Married couples are more aware nowadays and know there are other options available.

Whether you have been married for 50 years, 30 years or only a few, and are planning to divorce, it is not something that you should go through alone. Contact a skilled and highly qualified Lombard, Illinois divorce lawyer at your earliest convenience.

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