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Cohabitation Before Marriage: Setting the Ground Rules

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

cohabitation, marriage, Illinois family lawyer, Illinois family law attonreyCohabitation before marriage is becoming more common than in the past. Nearly 50 percent of all women have chosen cohabitation, often putting off marriage for up to two years, according to US News & World Report.

Studies have shown that for some, this living arrangement has proven to be a better option. Today Health reported that cohabiting couples appear happier and hold greater self-esteem than their married counterparts. Why? It is believed that cohabitation allows for increased independence and personal growth while in a committed relationship.

Of course in any relationship, ground rules are important. If you are opting to cohabitate, these quick tips may establish your personal boundaries, leading to a healthy and happier existence.

My Space, Your Space, Our Space

Establish early on how your home reflects both of your personal styles. A shared living space should have a balance between both partners.

Your Bill, My Bill, Whose Bill

Take time to sit down and devise a financial plan. Deal with finances head on and jointly decide who will be financially responsible for various expenses such as rent, utilities and groceries, or if a joint account is viable.

Oh No You Did Not

If finding a damp towel on the bathroom floor every morning is not your idea of cohabitative bliss, then address the issue by establishing general chores and household rules. You may be surprised that your partner also has the same issue with your inability to promptly put clean laundry away. Defining basic and informal rules will ensure that home remains a happy place.

Peace Talks

If something is on your mind, speak it. Failing to establish a line of communication with your partner may breed resentment, and can lead to a heated argument. Be polite, but honest; the honeymoon phase will not last forever and little idiosyncrasies need addressed.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Time flies. If you are both happy and all expectations have been met, congratulations! It may be time to set the date. On the other hand, if cohabitation makes you want to run screaming from your home, be honest. Your partner may be initially upset but in the long run it prevents a future call to a divorce attorney.

As humans, we tend to not heed advice easily. Especially relationship advice. If you feel that cohabitation has been a wonderful experience and the date has been set, consider contacting an experienced Illinois attorney to assist with drafting a prenuptial agreement. Drafting a prenup is just another method of expanding the ground rules, but one that protects your future.

Or, if you have decided to move forward and later find yourself in the thrones of contemplating divorce, the advice remains the same. It is time to contact an experienced Illinois attorney.

Whatever the situation, the experienced legal team at A.Traub & Associates can help establish your legal ground rules. Whether drafting a prenuptial agreement or discussing divorce proceedings, we will work diligently to reach the best possible outcome for your legal situation.  Contact us at 630-426-0196 to schedule your initial consultation.

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