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Coping with Divorce: Five Strategies Suggested by Experts

 Posted on July 24, 2018 in Divorce

Lombard divorce attorneysIf you are considering ending your marriage, you probably have a thousand different concerns. Will I be too lonely living by myself? How will the divorce affect my children? How will I tell my friends and family? Unfortunately, there is no way of getting through a divorce pain-free, but there are some steps you can take to help you cope with the emotional burden of ending a marriage.

Strategy 1: Do Not Take It Personally

It is reasonable to assume that if your marriage was unhealthy, the divorce will not be the most cooperative or collaborative process either. Often, couples getting divorced continue to struggle with the same issues they struggled with when they were married. If your spouse attempts to sabotage efforts to end the divorce efficiently and amicably, do not take it personally. Someone acting out in childish or hurtful ways toward you does not reflect on your character; it reflects on theirs.

Strategy 2: Take Care of Your Needs

Divorce can be an absolutely devastating and emotionally-exhausting endeavor. The midst of a traumatic divorce is not the right time to start being hard on yourself. Instead, practice self-care and make sure you are staying healthy physically and mentally. Many people find that getting away on short vacations helps them stay sane during a drawn-out divorce.

Strategy 3: Ask For Help

Sometimes it can be embarrassing to admit that you cannot handle everything on your own. However, there is no shame in needing a bit of help from friends, family, or even a professional therapist during your divorce. Many people find that support groups or religious organizations can be a valuable asset during the divorce as well.

Strategy 4: Avoid Rebound Relationships

It can be extremely hard to spend time in an empty house when you are not used to living alone. After a break-up or separation, it can be very tempting to jump into a new relationship immediately. However, experts suggest that staying single for a period of time after ending your marriage is psychologically healthier and will be a better choice in the long run.

Strategy 5: Do Not Use Drugs and Alcohol to Cope

Countless individuals point to divorce as the triggering event than began their spiral into substance addiction. While an extra glass of wine may help temporarily numb you to the pain of your divorce, increased drinking or drug use can quickly turn into a chemical and psychological dependency. Instead, find an activity or hobby you enjoy to help distract you from unpleasant emotions during this tumultuous time.

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