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Divorce Showers – Will They Become Tradition Too?

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

divorce lawyerMost people are familiar with bridal showers – a traditional event held for the bride and groom shortly before the wedding where family and friends present the couple with gifts in which to start their new life together. Many people give gifts such as dishes, pots and pans, beddings, towels and other items for the couple’s home.

But there is a fairly new trend that just may turn into tradition as well, especially with the divorce rate at fifty percent for first marriages and an even higher rate for subsequent marriages. That trend is called "unbridled showers" – a divorce shower.

The New York Times reported on the trend, interviewing one recipient, Tom Carling. He had recently gone through a divorce after twenty-five years of marriage. Friends organized the shower and brought gifts to restock items that Carling’s ex-wife took with her when the marriage ended. Friends even gave him a box "of idiot-proof recipes" they said would allow him to feed his teenage daughter or impress a date.

Carling said that not only did the party help replace those needed items, it also made him realize he wasn’t alone, that he had the support of friends.

Many divorce showers are planned with a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ attitude and decorate with items such as light-up devil-horn tiaras, black long-stem roses and other fun items. And there are even divorce shower planners that you can hire to organize the party. Some themes of unbridled showers include, "Alice in Wonderland", "Survivor", and "Day of the Dead".

Divorce can be a depressing and stressful time. Having a good and experienced Illinois divorce attorney navigating you through the legal process can help with that stress.

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