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Divorced Fathers in Illinois Have Little Parenting Time, According to Recent Study

 Posted on June 20, 2018 in Visitation

Lombard fathers rights attorneysMany studies have shown that children do best with both parents in their life. Of course, this is not true for situations involving abuse or domestic violence, but generally, removing one parent from a child’s life is damaging to the well-being of that child. Fortunately, many parents who get divorced or who never marry are able to work out a shared parenting arrangement which includes both parents as full participants in their children’s’ lives. Unfortunately, a new study shows that Illinois fathers are at the bottom of the list when it comes to how much time they spend with their children.

Study Analyzes Shared Parenting Schedules Across the Country

The study, which was piloted by a software company that makes apps for divorced and separated parents, involved a compilation of data regarding the most common parenting time arrangements in each of the fifty states. Through a survey of legal professionals and judicial standards across the country, the researchers were able to calculate the average amount of time parents spend with their children. The study only included cases in which both parents wanted custody of their children, and there were no extenuating circumstances, such as long-distance separation or criminal convictions.

Illinois Fathers Are at the Bottom of the List for Parenting Time

In 20 states, it was found that an average parent had about half of the parenting time whereas, in the other 30 states, the amount of time each parent spent with their children was more varied. In Illinois, the average father sharing custody only gets about 23.1 percent of the total parenting time. This discrepancy is the almost the highest in the country. Only Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee have a lower average for the amount of parenting time fathers enjoy.

The company heading this study hopes that the information can be used to encourage Illinois lawmakers to acknowledge that there is a significant difference in the amount of parenting time fathers get as compared other parents. The study did not discuss the possible causes of this parenting time discrepancy.

Dedicated Attorneys Protecting Fathers’ Rights in Illinois

For years, it was assumed that in a shared custody scenario, the mother would always have custody of the children more often. However, as more and more evidence shows the significance of children’s relationships with their fathers, the attitude is changing. Under the law, fathers are guaranteed the exact same rights as mothers or same-sex spouses. If you have been denied custody or visitation of your child or have other family law concerns, contact the Lombard family law attorneys at the law firm of A. Traub & Associates today. Call 630-426-0196 to schedule a confidential consultation.



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