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How Flexing Your Funny Bone Could Save Your Marriage

 Posted on July 23, 2014 in Divorce

Laughter, laughing, divorce, divorce rate, Illinois divorce lawyerAccording to Fun Trivia, laughing uses 53 of our muscles. Laughter, often revered as the best medicine, involves jiggling our facial, jaw and throat muscles, and ultimately tickling our Zygomatic and Risorius muscles. Did you ever consider that by flexing these 53 optimal muscles you could keep your marriage intact?

A new study conducted by University of Maryland sociologist, Philip N. Cohen, suggests that divorce rates will increase as our economy improves. The reason? Couples can finally afford to seek the services of an experienced divorce attorney to dissolve their marital ties and be financially secure in their decision.

So how could flexing these 53 muscles improve your chances of staying married as the economy improves? Co-authors, Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch of "Save My Marriage Today!" offer the following advice.

Share an Inside Joke

Make it your own with no hints to the outside world. By sharing an endearing inside joke you and your mate will solidify your matrimonial bond by chuckling at something that belongs to you exclusively.

Teasing is Permissible

Do not go overboard to evoke hurt feelings, but tease gently. By teasing your partner you will further create that intimate bond that only you two can giggle about. Teasing should be delivered with a flirtatious and affectionate flair.

Are You Serious?

Be able to laugh at yourself. By doing this you will acknowledge that you are human and one not without flaws. It also releases any personal ownership of a mistake. Own it and then send it on its way with a smile.

Diffusing Tension and Conflict

As humans, we often tend to be reactive instead of proactive. We dig our heels in as a defense mechanism when we find ourselves disagreeing over a topic or decision. If you and your spouse are discussing a difficult situation, keep you tongue in check and throw in touch of humor to lessen the intensity of the situation.

The Company We Keep

To expand your humorous intentions, surround yourself with positive people. By incorporating friends who are positive and enjoy a good belly laugh you will increase your sphere of seeing the humorous side of life and avoid a pessimistic lease on life. Laughter is contagious.

Release Those Endorphins

By flexing your "smile" muscles you are consciously fooling your brain, thus releasing the feel good energy in your noggin. By doing so, you are enforcing your happiness to both your partner and those around you.

Expand the Playing Field

If you find yourself feeling a bit down tune into a humorous television show, read a light-hearted novel or contact your sphere of positive influences to spend a fun-filled night out on the town. If you found humor in a recent situation, share it with your partner and the world.

Deciding to file for divorce is no laughing matter. If you believe the only way to solve your marital disconnect is by filing for divorce, then finding a qualified divorce attorney is your next strengthening exercise. The attorneys of A. Traub & Associates understand the weight of your decision and we pride ourselves on flexing our legal know how to assess your situation and provide a solid defense to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Contact us today for more information.
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