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Is Mediation the Right Move for My Illinois Divorce?

 Posted on April 03, 2024 in Mediation

Lombard, IL divorce mediation lawyerAs soon as people realize they are going to get a divorce, they often feel stressed and overwhelmed. Some of that stems from the truth that they will need to figure out how their assets, finances, property, and parental responsibilities will be divided. Some of it stems from preconceived notions about acrimonious divorces based on scenes portrayed on TV.

However, there are ways to end a marriage that are aimed at finding the best resolution for both parties and a minimum of negativity. If you are hoping for as cooperative a way as possible to end your marriage, you might consider divorce mediation. Speak with a knowledgeable DuPage County, IL divorce lawyer to find out more.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

For couples considering divorce who are not interested in a combative process, mediation offers a smoother approach. A mediator is appointed to facilitate communication. She is neutral and her goal is to foster the creation of a settlement that both spouses can accept. By focusing on communicating openly and honestly and cooperating, mediation can encourage creative thinking to find acceptable solutions to complicated issues.

When both parties show a willingness to work together, mediation can be a great option because it gives the spouses more control over how their divorce will turn out. While it certainly will not eliminate all the emotional distress and concerns for the future, it helps both spouses focus on cooperating to create an agreement that is tailored to their specific needs.

Since divorce mediation often takes a lot less time than divorce litigation, it also generally costs less money. However, both spouses need to demonstrate their willingness to work in good faith toward a divorce settlement that can be acceptable to both. If either acts dishonest, petty, or uncooperative, the couple will likely need to cease their attempts at mediation and move over to litigation.

Contact a DuPage County, Illinois Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you are approaching a divorce but a contentious fight played out in court does not suit you or your spouse, divorce mediation might be a good option for you to consider. Generally speaking, a couple that can communicate openly and honestly toward an agreeable solution can resolve their divorce quicker through mediation than litigation. An experienced Lombard, IL divorce lawyer can review your situation and advise you further. Call A. Traub & Associates at 630-426-0196 so we can get started.

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