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Judge asked to Order DNA Test for Michael Jordan

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

Michael Jordan is known in many circles as the greatest basketball player ever. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, he may have a new title as the father of a 16 year old boy.

Pamela Smith recently filed a paternity suit against the basketball great claiming that he is the father of her now 16 year old child. She is also seeking child support although, if he is found to be the father, he would only have to pay until the child turns 18. Jordan is the majority owner of his own basketball team and is still earning millions per year in endorsement deals, so the amount he owes if he is the father could be a huge one.

Illinois divorce lawyer (Theresa)

Jordan denies the fact the he is this child’s father and he has also filed a countersuit against Smith for making false claims. Jordan’s attorneys point out the fact the she acknowledged that her now ex-husband is the father of the child in an earlier divorce proceeding. She states that her son has the right to know who his father really is and that this is an issue that he has been struggling with for quite a while. Smith’s attorney states that she just wants to do the right thing by her son because if she was just after the money, she could have filed the suit many years ago.

Smith’s attorney asked that the judge order immediate genetic testing so that the paternity can be determined. The judge declined to make an immediate decision on the testing and the case is continued to a later date.

If you are having an issue with proving the paternity of your child, an experienced Illinois family law attorney can represent the interests of you and your child. Your attorney will also make sure that you get the child support if applicable.

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