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Parenting with an Ex | Lombard Divorce Attorney

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

AmandaDivorce is complicated for all family members: parents, children, etc. However, it is important for the children to have both parents involved in their lives. It may not be easy on divorcing parents to be around each other, but has given a few helpful tips to help you and your ex stay connected without things becoming too sticky.

Stay positive. It is important to look at your spouse as the parent of your children, not as the person that you just divorced. Concentrate on respecting one another, to be more specific, concentrate on the qualities that you respect of your ex rather than the ones that upset you. Trinidad Madrigal, a child-custody expert, suggests taking a parenting class or therapy if you are having problems trying to stay positive with your children. Be sure to focus on what is best for your children.

Think of activities that you and your spouse both think are ideal for the children. Then, decide who can take them where. This can be a variety of things such as, the library, zoo, or an amusement park. Divide who takes them places equally, so there is not any competition.

Lastly, continue to work together as parents. Coordinate events that must be done together for the children, like parent-teacher conferences. Make sure you have guidelines together on buying gifts or vacations, so that you are not being competitive with one another.  No matter how upset you are with your ex, be sure to have them included in your children’s lives. It will not only make them feel involved, but it is what is best for your children.

If you or anyone you know is thinking of filing for divorce be sure to contact a lawyer right away. Contact an experienced Illinois Divorce Attorney today.

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