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The Power Within Marriage: Tips for Maintaining a Balanced Marriage

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

balance in marriageIke and Mamie, Franklin and Eleanor, Ron and Nancy, Bill and Hillary are all examples of power couples who have made their mark on America’s political landscape. How do these political front runners, as well as other industry power couples, maintain marital balance and avoid consulting with a high power divorce attorney?

As per a recent article published by The Huffington Post, power couples tend to do marriage a bit different than the rest of us, although their marital strategies may offer some helpful hints for all marriages.

Brainstorming Together

As noted in The Huffington Post article,  Microsoft entrepreneur Bill Gates mentioned that he highly values wife Melinda’s opinion, both on a professional and personal level. By doing so, he is eliciting the opinion of a partner who has his best interests in mind or one who will actually tell it like it is.

Celebrate Individuality within Marriage  

As part of a power couple, the thin line of individuality can be quickly breached. Committing to be the best you can be on a personal level also overflows into the marriage, benefiting your spouse and family.

Strong Spousal Support

One example of an extreme power couple is Bill and Hillary Clinton. As Bill was campaigning for and served as president, Hillary never wavered in her support. Bill then reciprocated the same level of commitment during her bid for the 2008 candidacy. Bill may once again take on a supporting role during the upcoming 2016 election campaign.

Protecting Privacy

Not all power couples are ready to publicly document every detail of their marriage. Bill and Melinda Gates work furiously to guard their private life. As told to a Seattle Times reporter in 1995, Melinda spoke about understanding how the American public would love to hear more details of their life and marriage, but she is determined to keep all personal details strictly confidential.

Co-existing Through Compromise  

One of the most influential traits of any successful marriage is becoming the master of a hectic family schedule. Lesser known power couple Jessica Herrin and husband, Chad, addressed the importance of co-scheduling to The Huffington Post as a means to maintaining a sense of order for both highly active executives.

If It Is Broke, Fix It

As optimistic as this advice may sound, you may be surprised. For many reasons, perhaps the kids, financial concerns or apathy, couples stay together long after the marital expiration date. Numerous power couples have often publicly and quickly resolved their differences by seeking the services of a qualified high power divorce attorney, perhaps this may be sound advice to keep under consideration for any marital duo.

If you have determined your marriage has slipped past the marital expiration date and divorce is the only recourse, the Lombard divorce attorneys of A. Traub & Associates have the power to execute your divorce both quickly and effectively. For more information on our legal services, contact one of our office locations today.
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