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Should You Change Your Name After Getting Divorced?

 Posted on August 09, 2018 in Divorce

Lombard divorce attorneysAlthough it is not required, the majority of women who get married change their last name to match that of their new husband. This can lead to an unexpected challenge if the marriage ends. If you are planning to end your marriage through divorce, you may be wondering what you should do about your last name. Some women choose to keep their married name post-divorce while others go back to their maiden name. Still, others come up with completely unique solutions to the dilemma of what to do with their last name as a newly-single woman. Whatever you decide, make sure to consider both the short-term and long-term effects on your personal and professional career.

The Decision to Keep Your Married Name Is Completely Your Own

Except in very rare circumstances, the choice of whether a divorcing woman changes her last name from her married name to something else is completely up to that woman. The vast majority of divorce decrees do not include requirements about names. The decision is a deeply personal one and can be influenced by a wide variety of factors. One thing many women consider is what the name symbolizes to them. For some, keeping their ex-husband’s name may bring up too many painful emotions. Other women are able to separate the name itself from the memories of their marriage or for other reasons do not feel negatively towards their married name.

Will Changing My Name After Divorce Negatively Impact My Career?

Many women who get divorced have built impressive careers over the years. Their colleagues and competitors all know them by their married name. This presents quite the dilemma for professional women getting a divorce. Teachers, lawyers, business owners, politicians or others with a strong professional attachment to their names may worry that changing their name could affect their career. Switching back to your maiden name may even incur frustrating expenses like new letterhead, business cards, signage, or website/social media updates.

How Will My Name Affect My Friends and Family?

Another consideration for many women getting divorced is whether to have their last name match their children’s. Some worry that having a different last name than their children will cause issues. However, the increase in blended families in the United States means that it is no longer unusual to have a different name than your children. If you are debating whether to change your last name or not, you should make the decision based on your desires and needs and not on those of society.

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