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Social Media A Factor In Divorce

Posted on September 01, 2012 in Technology and Divorce

Almost everyone has an account on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media service. People share many personal things on social media, including how they are feeling at a given moment or what may be frustrating them. It is also easy to find old friends and ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends on social media, which can easily affect your emotional life and your marriage.

CBS reported a story about the effects social media is having on relationships and divorces. According to the story, social media is causing countless divorces, because men and women are discovering their spouse&s online indiscretions. A woman who wanted to remain anonymous said in the CBS story that she found out her husband was having numerous relationships with women online, and that ruined their marriage.

Social media is not only affecting marriages and relationships due to people are cheating online, but also because people are saying things or posting pictures that their spouses look at in shock. People get caught lying about where they went or what they are doing, or they say something that really upsets their spouse. Social media can also be a dangerous enemy in divorce.

Things you say on social media will end up in court, and they will be used against you, so be careful. For example, telling your ex-wife-to-be that you are broke while posting pictures of your new car can take divorce proceedings into a whole new direction. You should also be careful not to say anything offensive to your spouse, because the judge will hear about that.

Social media is a new factor in divorce, but there are many other issues that could lead to a divorce. If you are planning to file for divorce or are facing a divorce, make sure you have the assistance you need. It is important to have a knowledgeable divorce attorney who can help you reach the best outcome in your divorce proceedings. Do not hesitate, but contact our dedicated divorce lawyers in our Arlington Heights and Lombard, Illinois offices.

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