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Lombard divorce lawyer irreconcilable differencesThroughout the history of marriage, adultery has been socially frowned upon as a betrayal of trust, and it often leads to divorce. Public opinion and religious beliefs are often believed to be the driving factor behind these negative views, but the laws regarding marriage also play a role. However, many people do not understand how these laws may affect them.

The Legality of Adultery

As is common with most laws, the way adultery is defined and handled varies from state to state. What many fail to realize about adultery is that in Illinois, it is considered against the law and can result in legal repercussions. Illinois is one of 18 states that have made adultery a crime. Illinois law defines the act of adultery as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse, if:

  • The person is married and knows the other person involved in such intercourse is not his spouse; or 
  • The person is not married and knows that the other person involved in such intercourse is married.

Based on the law, if two parties engage in such action, and their actions are “open and notorious,” they are committing a misdemeanor, which can be punished by up to a year in prison. However, even though this law exists, it rarely results in criminal prosecution, so a person is unlikely to actually receive jail time for their extramarital activities. 


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Lombard family law attorneyIf you are a stay-at-home parent facing divorce, you are not alone. Among the thousands of divorces which occur annually, a significant portion involves a parent that stays home, working to keep the house and family in order rather than working for someone else. Divorce has the possibility of being harder for these spouses than their counterpart, which does not need to be the case. The experience can be beneficial and positive with proper planning and preparedness.

Locate and Maintain Proper Records

You and your spouse’s separate lives have become fused into one shared life together through marriage, no matter how lengthy or brief. The process of divorce seeks to split the two into two equitable parts again. Everything from the house itself to the items within the home, to the finances and retirement plans, will need to be divided. Make these records available to make the process easier:


vacated judgment, Lombard family law attorneyYou can probably recall several examples in your own life where you thought that you were making the right decision, only to realize later that your choice was misguided, and maybe even completely wrong. It is very possible that you have made such decisions about relationships in the past, deciding to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, then realizing that you were actually much happier with him or her than without. What happens, though, when the relationship is a marriage, and you get all the way through the process of divorce before coming to the conclusion that the whole thing was a terrible mistake? Can you attempt to have your finalized divorce judgment vacated?

The short answer is that you can try, but if a change of heart is your only reason for setting the judgment aside, you will probably not have much luck. A divorce judgment is essentially a type of verdict in a civil court proceeding, meaning that it must take into account all of the relevant information available at the time the of proceedings. Your petition for divorce or your response to your former spouse’s petition indicated your wishes to end the marriage, providing the court the authority to grant your request, presuming the associated concerns have been properly addressed. Once the proceedings have concluded and the judgment is entered, it is too late to change your mind.

Reasons to Vacate a Divorce Judgment

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