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Lombard family law attorneyToday, many households are dual-income households in which both spouses work. For the well-being of the couple’s children, however, it can sometimes be beneficial for one spouse to embrace the role of a stay-at-home parent. In these cases, having a postnuptial agreement can help clarify each spouse’s responsibilities in case of a future divorce. Before one spouse agrees to take taking extend time away from his or her career, all the potential repercussions should be discussed.

Children Can Change a Couple’s Career Dynamics

Introducing children into a marriage means change, and some families decide that it would be better for one parent to be at home with the children. Despite advances in equality and changing social views on gender roles, it is still usually the wife who elects to put her career on hold and become the stay-at-home parent. In some families, it is more economically advantageous for the male partner to stay home, and this certainly does play out in many households. Either way, couples with children should consider making arrangements for their children and their finances in the event of a divorce.


post nuptial agreement, post marital agreement, marriage, Illinois divorceSometimes, the communication in a relationship can break down. Financial concerns are often the source behind this communication breakdown. Unfortunately, this tends to be a self-reinforcing problem. The more concerned each person is, the more uncomfortable the subject becomes, and the less a couple communicates. Fortunately, there is a way to open the lines of communication and clear the air: a post-marital agreement.

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, a post marital agreement has many advantages. Not only can it help open the lines of communication when it comes to your finances; it also helps to let each person know what their responsibilities and obligations are as far as the couple’s finances go.

Marriage is an economic partnership as much as it is an emotional one. Knowing what each person expects from the other as far as finances go can ease much of the tension that can occur in the relationship.

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