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false advertising, Cook County business law attorneysWhen you are trying to gain the attention of consumers, you have to be bold, creative, and intuitive. Unfortunately, the line that separates pushing the envelope and outright false advertising can be, at times, a bit grey. For example, is it really false advertising if you put a nature scene on your product’s packaging if you do not actually use natural methods? Or is it just creative advertising? One company is about to find out. Like others before them, it is an important lesson for business owners: false advertising can cost your business in more ways the one. In fact, litigation may even end up being the least of your worries. The following information explains further.

Egg Company Accused of False Advertising

A company that produces, packages, and sells eggs is currently facing allegations over false advertising that misleads consumers. Their packaging shows a green pasture, blue skies, and chickens, which animal activists are saying is deceptive. While the company does raise chickens that are not caged, most are raised using conventional factory farming methods.


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mediation, Illinois divorce, Lombard family lawyerA litigated divorce can be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and, in many cases, rather expensive. As an alternative, many couples are able to reach a reasonable divorce agreement through the process of mediation, meeting with a third party facilitator to work out their differences on the all of the pertinent issues. While it can be a very useful tool, there are certain situations in which mediation may not be appropriate. In these cases, litigation may provide the only option for an equitable divorce settlement.

Potentially Less Accountability

Mediation is, at its core, a negotiation process, which means that the parties often begin at extreme opposite ends of a particular issue and work their way toward compromise somewhere in the middle. Complex divorce cases—especially those involving one or both spouses with high net-worth—typically require complicated evaluations of business interests and real estate holdings. These evaluations may be artificially inflated in a mediated divorce case, with the implication that they are merely a starting point for the negotiation. This can be dangerous if one party lacks the appropriate knowledge to properly challenge the valuation or does not have the opportunity to cross-examine the expert who prepared it.


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divorce, type of divorce, Arlington Heights family law attorneyWhen you have reached the point in your marriage where you know that it is over, you need to begin thinking about the right way to divorce. Most couples will have several options, depending upon their ability to communicate and cooperate with one another. The type of divorce you choose may also be affected by the complexity of your situation, including concerns for children, diverse business interests, or if you and your spouse enjoy a high net-worth. No matter which route you take, the end goal should be same: an equitable divorce judgment that allows each party to experience a positive post-divorce reality.

1. Do-It-Yourself Divorce

There is almost never a good reason to try to handle your divorce on your own, despite being technically possible. Many Internet resources offer advice on how to save money by representing yourself in the process of a simple divorce, but even the simplest of cases often have unexpected obstacles. What you think you are saving in the moment may end up costing you significantly, since, without an attorney, there is nobody to keep you from making an expensive mistake.


A divorce can be accomplished in a number of different ways.  There is the process of mediation which lets the couple work with an unbiased third party who elicits an agreeable solution.  There is also a collaborative divorce option, which allows each party to employ a lawyer who assists in negotiating a final divorce agreement.

These amicable processes can offer a lot of benefits that are not available to those who resort to litigation.  The most practical benefits are the money and time that can be saved by avoiding the courtroom.  The paperwork and meetings and other processes can be shortened and scheduled to fit each spouse’s schedules.  It also protects children from being forced to see their parents fight.  Instead of fighting, the spouses can come together to make a workable and enforceable solution to difficult topics like custody, spousal support, and the division of property.

The other option for creating a divorce agreement is by litigating or carrying out a lawsuit.  One spouse will file a petition for divorce which might not be the wish of the other spouse.  As such, it is more of an adversarial process that can be more stressful and costly.  Yet, divorce cases that begin in litigation are commonly settled out of court.  Even given the many benefits of amicable processes, there are scenarios were it is more appropriate to litigate.

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