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cheating dating websiteThe online dating website Victoria Milan is marketed specifically for people who are seeking "discreet affairs." The site has conducted several surveys of its users to help gain insight in what clients who sign up are really thinking.

The site, which has users from all over Europe and North America, conducted a survey of U.S. clients to find out which city has the most active online users. And the winner is Chicago, where clients spend 25 percent more time on the dating site than clients in the rest of the country. Los Angeles came in at 21 percent higher than the rest of the country’s users, New York City at 18 percent, Houston was at 11 percent and Dallas came in at nine percent.

In another survey the site conducted, two-thirds of those survey admitted they would not cheat if it wasn’t for the internet. Sixty-six percent of users said that the internet gives them easy opportunities to stray, with all the social media sites that are available.

Social media is here to stay. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great ways to stay connected and to keep your followers updated on the goings-on in your life. It is a place where you announce getting a promotion, the expectancy of a new baby, and when you start dating a new person; but is it a good idea to announce your divorce via social media? According to a survey conducted by the Huffington Post, people have mixed feelings. PamWhile going through a divorce, it is not a good idea to talk about it via social media. Innocent comments made by you or your children can be used against you and affect the outcome of your divorce. However, after the divorce is complete, making an announcement to the world via social media may be viewed at tasteless to some, while others find it practical. One woman posted her divorce announcement after she and her ex agreed to do so. In their case, they wanted their friends and family to know that to end the marriage was a mutual and amicable decision. Another woman admits that she made the announcement by changing her marital status and her name instead of making a formal announcement. Still, others in the survey felt that such a private and personal matter has no place in social media. It really comes down to a personal choice. Bashing your ex isn't recommended. Save that for face to face conversations with close and trusted friends if you feel that you need to vent. Take into consideration who may see the announcement and how this news may affect him or her, or how it could affect your former spouse or your children. If you are going through a divorce consult with an Illinois divorce lawyer to discuss your options. A qualified attorney will work on your behalf to protect your assets.

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Almost everyone has an account on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media service. People share many personal things on social media, including how they are feeling at a given moment or what may be frustrating them. It is also easy to find old friends and ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends on social media, which can easily affect your emotional life and your marriage.

CBS reported a story about the effects social media is having on relationships and divorces. According to the story, social media is causing countless divorces, because men and women are discovering their spouse&s online indiscretions. A woman who wanted to remain anonymous said in the CBS story that she found out her husband was having numerous relationships with women online, and that ruined their marriage.

Social media is not only affecting marriages and relationships due to people are cheating online, but also because people are saying things or posting pictures that their spouses look at in shock. People get caught lying about where they went or what they are doing, or they say something that really upsets their spouse. Social media can also be a dangerous enemy in divorce.

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