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Common Issues During a Litigated Divorce

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Distribution of Assets

The issue with any fight is that there isn&t always a clear end or a clear winner.  While divorce doesn&t have to be a battle, going to court may create one.  The following is things you may expect if you decide to forgo mediation and decide on carrying out a lawsuit to gain dissolution to your marriage.

The first thing you can expect is for a litigious divorce to take a while.  There is no arbitrary time limit that dictates how long a divorce can be in court.  It can take anywhere from months to years to differing degrees of annoyance.

The second is that the litigation may end up being quite costly.  Lawyer fees will generally mount as couples find it impossible to agree on topics like child custody or financial support.  This goes hand in hand with the lengthy process of litigating a divorce.

The third is that as the process goes on, your relationship with your soon to be former spouse may get worse and worse.  What starts as a disagreement may end up being a contest.  Each person may claim to be winning the divorce. These kinds of issues are further compounded by how emotionally taxing the whole process is.

Although a litigated divorce doesn&t seem like a pleasant option, it is the most popular type.  That is because most divorces are one-sided decisions.  It only takes one spouse to decide that a marriage is over.  That kind of start to a process makes it difficult to see mediation as the right solution.

If at all possible, mediation is a less costly and stressful option to ending your marriage.  If that doesn&t seem like it will work, then litigation is an available option but you can try to settle out of court.  Contact a skilled family law attorney in Lombard who can settle your disputes or fight for what you need.

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