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Virginia Couple Illustrates Challenges of Adoption For Same-Sex Couples

 Posted on October 25, 2013 in Adoption

Doug and Chris Maulden-Locke, from Virginia, moved from Maryland and then back to Virginia again during the process of adoption. The couple waited to get through the pre-adoption background checks for eight months before finding a baby in just 10 days. The couple had to go before a Maryland judge for the final adoption approval, a process that has been challenging for same-sex couples before. With the unique nature of pursuing adoption as a same-sex couple, hiring an adoption attorney is more important than ever.

In some jurisdictions around the country, it’s rare for judges to approve adoptions where same-sex couples are involved. Slowly, however, judges and jurisdictions are paving the way for these individuals to bring a new child into the homes of loving parents. Although decisions used to be made on a judge-by-judge basis, the greater cultural trend of valuing the potential societal value of qualified same-sex adopted parents is making it easier for these couples to grow their families.

In Illinois, there are several requirements to be an adoptive parent. These individuals can be single, married, or divorced. In some cases, these individuals or parents may already have birth children, but those who do not are also eligible to adopt. These parents must be able to financially manage the addition of a child to the family (no strict income requirements are in place, however). The adoptive parents must be free of criminal histories that would stop the adoption licensing process, and they must have space for another child in their home. Home ownership is not required.

Adopting as a same-sex couple is an exciting experience but it can also feel confusing and frustrating. When you have hired an Illinois adoption lawyer to guide you through the process, your anxiety can be relieved by learning what to expect. Call today for more information about adoption.

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