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What Moms Should Know About Divorce

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

Leevi Traub divorce 2Divorce can be especially hard on families regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. Chances are that you will make bad decisions amidst the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing. There are a number of things moms need to know about divorce. An article in the Huffington Post mentions a few dos and don’ts that a divorcing mother should keep in mind.

Don’t panic. Go online and find as much as you need to know about divorce. Contact an

experienced divorce lawyer. Get help and support, and learn about your rights. You should know that you are not going to end up in the street even though your husband is not paying your rent or mortgage any longer. Explain what you are going through to your family and friends, and do not agree to a settlement before the time is right.

Don’t borrow money from family. If you need money for a lawyer, it is better to borrow against your home or get a credit card than to borrow money from your family. You may yet need those resources some other time. Besides, if you are financially dependent on your spouse, he must pay at least part of your legal fees. If you borrow that money from your folks instead, it is less likely that you will get it back.

Don&t allow your ex to intimidate you. Your husband may try to intimidate you by saying that your lawyer just wants to make money. Don’t be intimated. If your husband resorts to scare tactics, let your lawyer do the talking.

Don&t run into the arms of another man. It is better not to give your husband any ammunition. A romance can wait until the divorce is finalized. Starting an affair in the midst of a divorce usually just makes matters worse.

If you are contemplating divorce, you will need the assistance of a divorce lawyer. Contact a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Illinois today.

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