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What to Know About Pursuing Adoption in Illinois

 Posted on November 10, 2022 in Adoption

DuPage County adoption attorneyChildren deserve to be raised in loving, caring and nurturing households. It is becoming increasingly common for families to have children by non-traditional methods. An excellent option for growing a family is through adoption

Adoption can be a profoundly rewarding experience for so many different types of families. Adoption allows you to grow your family while simultaneously positively impacting a child who needs it. There are lots of options available for families interested in pursuing adoption. If you are interested in pursuing adoption, consult an adoption attorney who knows the law and will ensure all steps are appropriately taken care of, ensuring the adoption process is as seamless as possible. 

Who Can Adopt a Child in Illinois?

In a broad sense, individuals or couples in Illinois are eligible to adopt if they can satisfy basic residency requirements, possess a good reputation, and do not have a legal disability. In addition, the prospective parent needs to be able to financially manage and support the new addition to their family, like providing the child with appropriate housing. Contrary to popular belief, there are no set income requirements for adoption. People who are single or unmarried, as well as married couples, are all eligible to adopt. However, if a married couple who lives together wants to pursue adoption, each spouse needs to be a part of the adoption process. 

Different Types of Adoption

Depending on your specific situation, adoption can be completed within months. If you are related to the child you are interested in adopting, an experienced adoption attorney may assist you in adopting your relative. Notably, relative adoptions can occur by any related family member. This includes adoptions that take place as a result of remarriage. Other types of adoption include:

  • Agency adoptions – In agency adoption cases, the prospective parents usually receive the child from DCFS, also known as the Department of Children and Family Services. Licensed private adoption agencies are also available. Under Illinois law, once the child has been adopted, DCFS is no longer involved or responsible for the care or supervision of the child.

  • Private adoptions – These adoptions occur when the prospective parents receive the child directly from the child’s biological family

  • Standby adoptions – These adoptions go into effect upon a particular event, like the death of a biological parent

Contact a DuPage County Adoption Attorney

Adoption is a wonderful option for all different types of people who have one thing in common: they wish to impact a child’s life positively. Suppose you or someone you love is interested in pursuing adoption. In that case, the practiced Lombard adoption lawyers with A. Traub & Associates are determined to assist you in making your dreams a reality. Call 630-426-0196 for a consultation. 


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