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Will Divorce Isolate Your Children?

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

child of divorce, family lawyer, family law attorney, Illinois, children of divorce, life after divorceWhen a couple decides to file for divorce, the effect this decision will have on them and their family is often the first thing that crosses parent’s minds. Unfortunately, while parents often consider the academic and behavioral changes that may occur in their children as a result of divorce, many parents fail to realize that divorce can be an isolating experience for children.

 According to Utah State University, some children are more affected emotionally by divorce than others. One study has found that as many as 44 percent of children whose parents have divorced later reported feelings of loneliness and isolation as a result of the marriage break-up. While many parents consider how the absence of one of them will affect their children, they fail to realize that divorce may isolate children in other ways as well. In addition to spending less time with one parent due to custody decisions made by the court, children may see their custodial parent less often as well, particularly if that parent transitions from a stay-at-home role to a working role. They may also lose contact with grandparents, making the family connections feel even more tenuous. In many cases, a family will move as the result of a divorce, which may lead to a child having to switch schools. This not only disrupts the friendships that a child has, but causes them to lose touch with non-parental role models such as teachers and coaches they may have built relationships with. It may also affect their participation in extracurricular activities such as sports that they have enjoyed. All of these changes occurring in a child’s life at the same time can lead to feelings of extreme loneliness and isolation. If you are considering filing for divorce, it is important to remember that in most cases, children adjust well to their new routines and lives. Having a qualified family attorney at your side can help make the transition easier, which benefits the entire family. If you are planning to file for divorce in Illinois, contact a qualified Illinois divorce attorney about your case today.
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