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Abusive Relationships

Posted on September 30, 2013 in Domestic Violence

Abusive relationships have been around as long as relationships have been around. The reason that there are more statistics about abusive relationships today, is that in the past is that the abused victims today are doing something about it. People are not taking the abuse and there are others outside of these relationships to help them get out.

LucyIt’s not easy, once you are in an abusive relationship, to get out. The best option is to stay away from abusers all together. But how do you know if your new significant other is going to abuse you? Usually, you don’t, and that’s why so many people get stuck. helps to explain who these abusers are and how to spot them:

Often, abusers are normal-looking people. If you were to see one in public, you wouldn’t give them a second look because they may be friendly and loving to strangers and they may even be friendly and loving to their partner at times. Behind closed blinds, however, they can turn into a completely different person.

Abusers are smart too. They can inflict injuries upon their victims that do not need attention from a doctor, so as to hide the injuries from professionals.

These injuries though, are not accidents, and are sometimes even well thought out. Stress, drugs and alcohol may increase abuse or make it more severe, but abuse is intentional, regardless of outside factors. These abusers feel that by victimizing their partners, they will have control of the relationship and they can get what they want.

Abuse may be physical, but it can also be sexual, emotional and psychological. Often, one type of abuse leads to others because the abuser enjoys the feelings of power that it brings to them.

Usually, abuse begins as a result of low self-esteem. In order to feel better about themselves, these people abuse someone close to them, which makes them feel powerful. Abusers also tend to blame the abuse on the victims, saying that he or she did something wrong to deserve a punishment of abuse.

If any of this sounds familiar, contact a divorce attorney for help immediately. Angel Traub and Associates in Lombard, Ill. can help you get out of an abusive marriage and get the right protection to keep you safe long after the papers are signed.

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