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Are Your Employee Policies Clear?

Posted on in Employee Handbooks and Policies

employment policies in Illinois, Arlington Heights business lawyerEmployee handbooks that establish the groundwork and boundaries for your staff are critical, whether you are a new business owner or have been in business for many years. If you have been an employer for some time now, it is always wise to review your current policies and handbooks periodically to ensure your guidelines are current and relevant to reflect your most recent business practices. If you are just beginning a new business venture, the policies you put in place now will set the tone for your work environment and the relationship you share with your employees now and in the future.

Why the Details Matter

Without thorough, detailed guidelines that outline what is expected of your employees, your business runs the risk of serious liability when it comes to termination and the hiring process. Not only do you need to spell out the responsibilities you require of your staff and the expectations you have for them in terms of their performance, but you also need to be very clear on the behaviors and actions that are not acceptable and why.

If you need to let go of a certain employee or furnish a reason for why they were not selected for the position and then present that information in your defense, you may refer to the official handbook policies that you have established. This makes for more ethical and professional business practices overall and ultimately protects your best interest as an employer.

What You Should Include

When creating your business policies, you should examine whether or not you have addressed your core values, priorities, and workplace boundaries. Everything from pay and wages to vacation and sick time should be discussed. Additionally, it is helpful to touch on employee complaints and how they should be properly handled, such as filing special documentation with your Human Resources department (if your company has one). Other areas such as employee appearance, reporting absences and tardies, payroll procedures, and overtime pay should all be acknowledged and elaborated on. Think of your employee handbook as protective armor. Be sure to cover anything and everything that could potentially help or harm you as an employer and business owner.

You will likely have questions as you develop your employee handbook policies. Whether you are in need of guidance as you create your policies or have run into an issue with a current or former employee, connect with our experienced Arlington Heights business law attorneys. Contact A. Traub & Associates at 847-749-4182 for a consultation today.


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