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Domestic Abuse Hurts Men Too

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Domestic Violence

domestic abuse, Lombard family lawyersYou can probably name at least one, if not more than one, male friend or acquaintance that has been the victim of emotional abuse by his spouse or romantic partner. If not, you have been probably witnessed such abuse in a public or social setting: a man and his partner are out together, but the conversation is very one-sided. His girlfriend or wife makes derogatory or snide comments about his clothes, behavior, or choices. As the night goes on, the situation gets worse, with the woman blatantly scolding him, as he endures it silently.

While there is no question that male-against-female abuse is a scourge on today’s society, many have become conditioned to ignore such behavior in reverse. Of course, part of the problem is the militant, often misogynistic, "men’s rights" groups whose awareness efforts can be little more than thinly-veiled attacks on women. However, the reality is that men can most definitely be victims of domestic abuse, including physical violence and mental or emotional attacks.

Unwillingness to Come Forward

There are many fairly reliable statistics that indicate the growing problem of domestic violence against men, both by same-sex and opposite-sex partners. The issue with such numbers is that they tend to rely on estimates rather than actual reports because male victims are often reluctant to seek help. Experts suggest that men refuse to come forward for several reasons, including:

  • Gender roles: Boys are taught to "tough it out" and not to complain about difficult situations;
  • Stereotypes about domestic violence: Many men fear they will not be believed, as domestic abuse is typically seen as behavior committed by men against women;
  • Ignorance of the situation: Males may not even realize they are being abused if the abuse is not physical;
  • Apparent lack of resources or support: Most women know that there are places they can go to seek refuge from an abuser, while the same is not often true for men.

Prevailing Social Images

The current state of entertainment in the United States may also be a hindrance to male victims seeking they help they deserve. Countless television shows, commercials, and movies portray the father, husband, or boyfriend character as a hapless Neanderthal, seemingly just barely able to tie his own shoes. Entire plot lines and story arcs are built around the man’s inability to do what he told by his wife or partner. While most such instances tend to stay away from depicting true emotional abuse, these tropes certainly lend themselves to the pervading—and misguided—belief that men’s problems are not a very high priority.

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse, regardless of your gender, the compassionate team at A. Traub & Associates is ready to provide the help you deserve. Contact an experienced Lombard family law attorney today. We will assist you in finding available support and resources, as well as in taking legal action to protect yourself from your abuser. Do not wait any longer. Call 630-426-0196 and take control of your life and your future.


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