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Facebook and Divorce Linked in Recent Research Study

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Technology and Divorce

A doctoral student at the University of Missouri has found that Facebook and other social media tools can have detrimental effects on relationships and marriages. Russell Clayton’s research has revealed that excessive Facebook users are connected with higher levels of Facebook-related conflict. This conflict can cause long-term problems in the relationship, like higher chances of cheating and divorce.

LauraIn the study, Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 82 were surveyed about their current level of social media use. Individuals were also asked to share details about conflict with their significant others as a result of their Facebook use. High levels of Facebook use in couples was linked to higher levels of conflict for the couple, often surrounding perceived issues of jealousy over communication and interactions with other Facebook friends. Using social media also makes details about the relationship or marriage much more public, since pictures and other shares can give Facebook friends a window into the couple&s life.

Part of the research may be sharing details about how social media affects jealously. For example, many survey respondents reported feeling a need to check on their significant other’s Facebook use, monitoring their conversations and sharing with other members of the site. Ultimately, this kind of monitoring may breed feelings of jealousy and an overall lack of trust. It’s important to note that these findings were only applicable to newer relationships, classified as those 3 years or less. This could signal that excessive use of Facebook or other social media can harm fledgling relationships, causing tension and jealousy early on before the relationship has been allowed to mature.

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