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Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers

Posted on in Business Law

Arlington Heights business law attorneyFor business owners, the holiday season can mean an influx of new customers as well as an increase in the strain put on employees. In order to help manage the increased demand during the holidays, many business owners choose to hire seasonal employees. There are many benefits to hiring temporary workers to help ease the load on full-time staff, however there are also many pitfalls to be wary of. If you are planning to hire seasonal employees for your business, keep the following things in mind.

Make Sure the Job Description is Detailed and Accurate

When writing job advertisements for seasonal positions it is especially important to be specific about what the job actually entails. In the job description, be clear about the nature of the job, the work environment, the work schedule, and what tasks employees will be expected to complete. Include a description of the skills or experience you desire in an ideal candidate. Include information about any incentives or bonuses for which seasonal employees may qualify.

Start Earlier Than You Think You Should

It may be too late to start the hiring process for the current holiday season, but experts say it is never too soon to start strategizing about hiring seasonal employees. Creating a seasonal hiring plan along with deadlines for hiring seasonal employees can help you stay on track. Start advertising holiday seasonal jobs at the end of summer in order to guarantee that you will have staff by crunch time.

Know the Difference Between a Regular Employee and an Independent Contractor

Make sure you understand the worker classification your seasonal employees will fall under for the purposes of tax-withholding and other considerations. An employee’s status is usually decided by the degree of control the employer has over his or her workday. Regular employees may be covered by a company's benefits and insurance, while contractors are not. It is critical to comply with federal laws as well as Illinois state legislation when hiring seasonal employees. Business owners must carefully consider laws regarding minimum wage, pay regulations, overtime, health insurance, and labor rules for employees under 18 years of age.

Retain Seasonal Employees By Creating Incentives

If you can, retaining the same seasonal workers year after year will save significant time and expense. Seasonal staff should be treated with the same level of respect as regular staff, and regular staff should be encouraged to cooperate with seasonal workers as much as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes, seasonal workers quit before the end of the season. Some business owners have found that offering an end-of-season bonus can encourage seasonal workers to stick it out for the long run.

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